June 2017

January 2016

How to create a popular YouTube Channel

How to build a successful YouTube Channel With over 1 billion users on YouTube and viewers spending on average 40 minutes a day watching videos, isn’t it time you looked at using YouTube in your business? What are the benefits? Educate customers and prospects Entertain your viewers Demonstrate your professionalism Be a leader in your

October 2015

Tip #1 Prepare a Script for Your Video Show

Always prepare a written  script for your YouTube Videos Write a script so that you are prepared for each show, don't leave things to chance. This advice was given to me by Peter Ross from BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live show and it makes sense. It’s up to you how strictly you stick to the

The Q&A App, The Showcase App and Hangout Show Trailers

Please note: The Q&A app, showcase app and hangout trailers are only available from Google Scheduled Hangout On Air Event Pages. From the event page, click the app you want to activate. You have to activate these apps before you go live, it's not possible to turn them on during a live broadcast. From the

Auto-switching or Selective Pinning? The Pros and Cons

For Guests Inside the Hangout When you watch a Google Hangout On Air, there’s usually a large screen image of the person who’s talking and underneath smaller tiles of the other participants. These avatars are live video feeds of each guest. Auto-switching happens when pinning is not used and the main screen changes focus depending

Make Sure Your YouTube Hangout Videos Get Found

 Your YouTube VIDEO Checklist Video Title and Description Use keywords in your Title and at the beginning of your Description Include links with full http:// URLS http://www.hangouts4business.com Add a call to action for example, watch more videos, subscribe to our channel and visit our website Add your Tags and Category Add your primary keyword FIRST Add

September 2015

Can Space Help Companies in New Anglia Grow?

There’s so much talk about space right now. The news of flowing water discovered on Mars, the super moon, the blood orange lunar eclipse and the release of Ridley Scott’s film, The Martian. So how’s space relevant to New Anglia businesses? New Anglia LEP, in the run up to iExpo, will be hosting their first

Google Apps To Enhance Your Hangout Shows

There are so many useful apps to use inside a Google Hangouts. These are some of my favorite ones Chat Have conversations inside the hangout show with fellow guests. Note: this is not visible to people watching the show as audience viewers. Screenshare Share any presentation, image or video with your viewers. I use Google Slides

August 2015

7 Tips I Learnt from TV Presenters Course

Last weekend I packed my bags and set out for London to attend the London Academy Media Film and TV Presenters course. I admit, I was feeling slightly nervous as I knew part of the course involved shooting a short showreel. One of our tutors, Steve Blacknell was trained by the BBC and he learnt

Foolproof Way to Invite Guests Onto Your Hangout Shows

What should you do to effectively and clearly invite guests onto your hangout shows? Start the hangout from YouTube or a Google Hangout Event Once inside the hangout window, choose the Invite People icon on the top toolbar. Copy this permanent link and send it via email to your guests I use an email template