Two stars in bangkok for twin cooks from berlin

Two stars in bangkok for twin cooks from berlin

With new german cuisine, twin brothers thomas and mathias suhring (41) have won a second michelin star far from home. The gastro leader awarded the two berliners on wednesday for their work in thailand’s capital bangkok.

Since february 2016, the two have had their own restaurant, "suhring", in bangkok. On the menu you will find classics of german cuisine in a modern variation.

The michelin guide – one of the world’s most important gastronomic guides – awarded prizes to restaurants in the southeast asian kingdom for only the second time. Four times there were two stars, 23 times one star. But the land of countless strabenkuchen will still have to wait for its first three stars. One of the most famous of them, the "jay fai" from bangkok, received a star, as it did the year before. The owner of the same name is still there every day at the stove at more than 70 years of age. A total of 27 restaurants were awarded.

The suhrings were the only ones to earn a second star within a year. The twins from the east berlin district of marzahn learned their trade from top european chefs. But they have been at home in bangkok since 2008.

The two are not thinking of returning home at the moment. "We are happy here," thomas suhring told the dpa. Even the opening of another restaurant and a third star are not a topic for the time being. "That’s enough for now. Maybe in a few years it is worth to ask again."The price for a menu at "suhring" starts at 3600 thai baht (just under 100 euro). Nevertheless, the 65-seat restaurant is full almost every evening.

The two are also not sure whether they had made it to two stars so quickly in germany. "Maybe it’s easier here to present german cuisine in a contemporary way," says thomas suhring. "If we had exactly the same concept in berlin, hamburg or munich – i don’t know if we would have succeeded. The people here are super enthusiastic. This enthusiasm for food is perhaps missing here in germany."

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