Spedition emons is building – but not at its himmelkron site

Spedition emons is building - but not at its himmelkron site

The expansion of the himmelkroner business park is on the way? A question to be discussed on 26. May will be decided, when on the day of the european elections the citizens will also vote on the council and citizen referendum. While the council petition wants to create new space for businesses to set up store, the representatives of the citizens’ petition around wilhelmine denk reject the project. They want to save the landscape, protect agricultural land, avoid additional traffic congestion and prevent the quality of life from being impaired.

"We need new flat areas

Stephan meixner, the branch manager of emons, a freight forwarder based in the himmelkron business park, has been following the pros and cons closely. The has already for years expansion efforts. "We are constantly growing, urgently need new flat", says meixner, whose company employs 180 people.

Emons is holding on to the himmelkron site with its main branch office. Meixner liked it "best of all" the company had also been able to erect its expansion building there. "We have always been in love with the area where xxxlutz wanted to settle and where now the commercial area could be built. A warehouse on the opposite side of the street would have been the best solution for us", states the authorized signatory.

Up to 50 jobs

When it became clear over time that the plans in himmelkron could not be realized in the near future, the company put out its feelers and looked around in other communities. Finally, they found a community in the district of kulmbach. According to meixner, there are plans to build a rough logistics hall there, where not only good were stored ("we don’t just put 50000 pallets there"), but also a final assembly is to take place. 30 to 50 jobs were to be created, says the branch manager, who does not want to comment on the exact location or the possible investment sum. "Nothing is in the bag yet. No contracts have been signed." He is confident that the project can be realized. The company wants to start operations at the new site as early as the end of 2020.

Talks have been going on for over a year

"We have been in talks with emons for over a year. If it works out, it would be a great thing for us", states the mayor of the municipality, who will be pleased above all about the creation of jobs.

Himmelkron not surprised

Not surprised by the plans of the forwarding company is one in himmelkron. According to deputy mayor harald peetz (CSU), it had been known for a long time that emons wanted to expand. However, it has not been possible to offer a suitable site to date. If it had been possible to launch the business park without the citizens’ protest, emons had realized the project in himmelkron, believes harald peetz: "that would have been important for us." Whether there will be further areas for business, that will only become clear when the vote is held at the end of may.

On thursday evening, bernhard ruckert of bauwo grundstucksgesellschaft from hanover, which wants to develop the commercial area in himmelkron, presented the project to the municipal council members and representatives of the citizens’ initiative. There was lively discussion, reports peetz. Ruckert was not able to present any concrete plans, nor did he name any companies that wanted to settle there. Unlike some of his colleagues on the city council, he himself did not expect this, says the second mayor. "It doesn’t make sense for bauwo to look for potential investors if it’s not even certain whether the business park will be built at all."

A "disappointing" presentation

Exchanged was wilhelmine denk, which participated as a representative of the burgerinitiative in the meeting. The bauwo representative said nothing concrete at all, denk said yesterday. It was roughly announced that jobs would be created and that the business park would be ecologically oriented. Companies that want to create jobs have not been mentioned. The real estate company from hanover was not even able to present a plan. Wilhelmine denk was surprised: "if nothing more concrete is available by may, the citizens will decide on an air number."

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