Many protests against the npd rallies

Many protests against the npd rallies

In neumunster in schleswig-holstein, police detained around 100 participants in a neo-nazi march as they took an unregistered route. In the bavarian town of hof, federal interior minister hans-peter friedrich (CSU) also took to the streets to protest against a march by right-wing extremists. Demonstrators in neubrandenburg stopped an NPD march with two sit-in blockades. It had to be diverted to another route.

Federal interior minister friedrich led a protest march of some 4,000 people through hof, his federal constituency. Around 400 right-wing extremists had registered there. At the rally under the slogan "hof is colorful and not brown", the CSU politician said: "democracy in germany is alive and we will not let it be destroyed by extremists and racists."Friedrich thanked the burghers for setting a sign: "the speechlessness of the democrats is the grossest enemy of democracy."

At the neo-nazi action in neumunster, right-wing extremists unfurled transparencies, which for the police was a violation of the official regulations. She then broke up the march and demanded that participants return to the train station. When they insisted on holding another rally, the officers took them into custody to establish the personalities of the participants. Among the right-wing extremists was the NPD faction leader of mecklenburg-western pomerania, udo pastors. Around 2,000 people demonstrated against the NPD in the city.

In neubrandenburg, mecklenburg, about 400 people protested against the rally of about 300 right-wing extremists. "This city is fed up with nazis", could be read on a transparent poster. The minister-president of mecklenburg-vorpommern, erwin sellering (SPD), said at the union rally: "we will not let the nazis take over the day of work."

In wittstock, brandenburg, several hundred people stopped a neo-nazi march with a spontaneously registered demonstration. They gathered at a railroad crossing and blocked the train of the right-wing extremists. The more than 100 neo-nazis broke off their march early. In bautzen in saxony, hundreds of people took to the streets to protest against an NPD march with about 250 participants.

During a protest demonstration against a neo-nazi march in bonn, the police used pepper spray against some demonstrators. One demonstrator was injured, a police spokesman said. The neo-nazi opponents had tried to break through a barrier. The police also broke up sit-in blockades along the route. According to the action alliance "bonn stellt sich quer", more than 1,000 people gathered in the district of beuel on the right bank of the rhine to protest against the right-wing extremists.

Police in weimar broke up a rally of right-wing extremists. The city thus enforced a ban on the rally issued at short notice by mayor stefan wolf (SPD). The right-wingers had not been able to provide the required number of police officers for the rally, it was announced. The city had banned a requested march through the city from the outset and only permitted a so-called stand-up rally near the train station. The weimar administrative court rejected an urgent appeal by the right-wing against this decision. It justified this with the fact that the majority of the orderers designated by the applicant was impacting previously convicted and therefore unsuitable.

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