Survey: adults have confidence in next generation

survey: adults have confidence in next generation

A representative forsa survey conducted for the german children’s aid organization on the occasion of world children’s day this friday found that 69 percent of adults believe the younger generation can take responsibility for maintaining democracy in germany. In the last survey in 2016, the figure was five percent lower. According to the survey, young adults and people over 60 have particularly little confidence in today’s children and young people.

In the west, the belief in the democratic ability of the next generation is greater than in the east; it is greatest among supporters of the greens (86 percent) and lowest among supporters of the left and the afd (61 percent each). According to the vast majority (88 percent), the main responsibility for democratic education lies with the parents, ahead of school (69 percent).

Despite the increased confidence in the democratic ability of children and young people, the children’s aid organization appealed to parties, parliaments, governments and administrations to open up even more to young generations and to "create formats of co-determination and representation. "Democracy does not fall from the sky, but has to be learned anew by every generation. We still have to face up to this task for society as a whole," said the president of the german children’s fund, thomas kruger, according to a press release.

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