All kinds of spabe at the kirchweih parade in vestenbergsgreuth

A tractor without gasoline, a fire department that can’t print out because of a power outage, and a local man who has torn his ligaments again – while intoxicated. These are all the stories of a whole year, which the young bachelors’ association told on sunday afternoon during their traditional kerwas parade.

"We keep track of everything that happens over the course of the year", explained chairman lukas brandt. In august, the ideas are collected and filtered, because out of all the messes that have happened in the past year, only the best really make it onto a trailer. This year the numerous spectators were allowed to look at a total of five of them.

The story of the band rupture

So it was about a vestenbergsgreuther, who almost regularly rubs his bander in a frenzy. The man was given a carriage with a sickbed by the young journeymen’s club, on which it was written: "that i like to drink a schnapps is well known, but the hamwech didn’t go so gallantly. The road is suddenly out on the other side, it’s knocking the bander out".

The fire department also got a car this year. When they had to leave a few weeks ago because of a storm, they were hindered by a gate that did not open. The fire department has its fire station on martin bauer’s factory site – and there was a power failure there. The gate did not open that way. Helped was nevertheless, because then without further ado the private car had to print out.

But the people of vestenbergsgreuth also went about their work with a good portion of self-irony. During last year’s parade, they had forgotten to fill up a tractor. Annoying, but at least a nice story for a wagon this year.

300 guests on saturday

The complete kirchweih is organized by the junggesellenverein itself. The 30 or so young mannerists have been working since last week. But the organization runs all year round, as brandt assures. "There is a lot of work behind it", he explains. But this work paid off: not only did many visitors come to the parade on sunday, but the tent was also well attended in the evening.

Saturday buried about 300 guests in the marquee. To the music of the "rennertz rebels after the 22 meter high spruce was erected in the afternoon, dancing and singing took place. The "three-man band" arrived the night before and created a party atmosphere. The kerwa was officially opened on thursday by mayor helmut lottes and walter nussel. Before the kirchweih comes to an end, however, the schutzen will be competing against each other today (report to follow), before the festival is declared over for this year in the evening at the traditional feuerhupf’n – but hopefully without any ribbon-cutting.

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