Did not want to make empty promises

"Volkhardt warmdt accuses me of not having voted in favor of an SPD motion on financial support for animal shelters during a vote in the bavarian state parliament. Yes, that is true. And that’s because until now a demand of animal shelters by the bavarian state government was not foreseen and i just didn’t want to make empty promises."With this statement, the CSU member of the state parliament otto hunnerkopf is reacting to a statement in a reader’s letter that appeared in this issue on friday. He goes on to explain that the financing of the animal shelters was the responsibility of the municipalities, because found animals were taken in and cared for. Since animals from illegal transports had to be taken in over the past few years, a discussion had begun in the CSU state parliamentary group to also demand animal shelters by the state. This led to the bavarian state government, in a cabinet meeting on 18. September 2018 decided to require animal shelters in the future under certain conditions. With this decision in his pocket, he visited the animal shelter in kitzingen with state parliament candidate barbara becker to inform those responsible and to promise support, hunnerkopf said.

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