These election posters are out of place

On wednesday, landrat reinhardt glauber (freie wahler) was quoted to the government of upper franconia. The reason: in the district of forchheim, there is a lack of legal compliance with regard to billboard advertising in the run-up to the municipal elections on 16 march. Marz no "legally compliant conditions". The bavarian ministry of the interior had already decreed in february 2013 that this type of billboard should not be erected outside built-up areas in order not to endanger traffic safety. Saying: advertising beyond the local signs is not allowed.

Glauber reports that he has asked the local parties to turn a blind eye in the current case and to enforce compliance with the regulation only at the next election. But in vain. The government had insisted on the removal of the posters in the area, after all, the district of forchheim was the only one in upper franconia where the parties did not adhere to this regulation.

Glauber reacted promptly on thursday and wrote to the municipalities. They now have to make sure that the "disputed advertising installations are removed by tuesday at the latest" are removed.

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