Oti schmelzer represented steigerwald wurdig

Oti schmelzer represented steigerwald wurdig

If you're driving on the highway between schweinfurt and bamberg and you see a man in a black hat and an orange warning vest at the edge of highway 70 and think you've seen this strabenwarter somewhere before, you're not wrong.

The man with the hat and warning vest could be oti schmelzer, who stood on the stage in veitshochheim and appeared on the carnival television show "fastnacht in franken performing in front of an audience of millions. He is the ambassador of the district of habberge and the steigerwald at the spectacle in the mainfranken halls in veitshochheim – a worthy representative of france and the guild of carnival eaters.

"Wine haze stage"
In real life, otmar schmelzer, who jokingly calls himself "otiderschmelzer", is a "joke" names, strabenwarter at the autobahnmeisterei knetzgau. He manages a vineyard in his hometown oberschwappach and shows his comedic talent on his own cabaret stage.

"Stupid wine haze stage" he calls his small but fine theater, in which a colleague from the veitshochheim fastnacht, martin rassau, recently performed. Martin rassau forms the "waltraud and mariechen" team with volker heibmann the well-known comedian duo that is one of the highlights of the veitshochheim television carnival every year. This year, too, of course.

Otmar schmelzer does not (yet) get as much stage presence as heibmann and rassau in veitshochheim. Bavarian television had scheduled its performance for eight minutes, and then it got a little tight. Because the artists in front of him had already overrun, schmelzer received the friendly advice not to extend the broadcast any further.

Tight time frame
No problem: otmar schmelzer was able to go through with his planned program, but the communication with the audience was a bit more terse. The man from oberschwappach, who usually spends half an hour to three quarters of an hour on stage at carnival events in the region, accepts such time constraints and understands the tight time constraints of television. There is no other way.

The time limit was the only pressure he felt at the popular event. Otherwise, he assured, veitshochheim was a guest game like any other. A "very positive" one moreover. He concentrated on his appearance.

Celebrities don't put him out of his mind
"you don't think of the four million spectators" the pigeons in front of the television sets. And fracksausen can also not draw the concentrated celebrities who sit in the hall in the forefront. Bavaria's minister-president horst seehofer, numerous ministers and other bigwigs from the world of politics can't resist an "otiderschmelzer do not get out of the peace.

They are the ones who have to endure a lot that evening. Almost every artist takes on one politician or another. Sometimes witty, sometimes crude, the politicians get their fat away powerfully. They endure it, must endure it in front of running television cameras.

Otmar schmelzer – and now he's getting a little serious – thinks it's worthy of recognition and a good sign for society that in the world of foolishness (and elsewhere, too) politician-bashing is allowed and possible. There are, he says, other countries as well…

Schmelzer also does not believe that the politicians are only going to veitshochheim for tactical reasons and because two elections are coming up in the fall. He has the feeling that many politicians "like to come", because they simply enjoy the show. They are also uncomplicated off stage, as otmar schmelzer has experienced.

A "collegial relationship" connects the oberschwappacher with the other artists. These are people "like you and me, he describes. Not a trace of stalluren. He also claims this for himself. "I am very down to earth", he says and did not want to take off. He does not. He prefers to stay in oberschwappach, in the steigerwald and in his "stupid wine vapour grove" and is happy when he can entertain well and other artists give a guest performance like martin rassau did recently – much to the delight of the people who come to him.

By the way: recently otmar schmelzer had guests in the house again. He celebrated his birthday. "Otiderschmelzer" is a maria light fair child. And how old did he become? He did not want to give that away in any case.

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