Why pit thinks his mother is the best

"My mother?", asks pit, looks briefly at the perky blonde woman next to him, grins his typical pit grin and confesses: "she means an awful lot to me!" A declaration of love. "I am always fully behind them", again, the 68-year-old makes this clear, referring to 37-year-old pit and his brother jurgen, who is a year older.

Pit then has to laugh because he still vividly remembers how his mother covered for him: it was back in his school days; he had broken a window with a snowball. The police brought him home and were greeted by inge aghakhan with the words: "leave my boy alone, there are other criminals", and threw the door shut. "Mother, you did a great job" he had commented at the time, "and already I’ve had a shell", grins pit. "But not in front of the police, his mother emphasizes.

"She fits, she just talks without a dot and a comma", he winks. He is also aware of another incident that illustrates his relationship with his mother. It was hiking day at school and the parents were supposed to come along. But both were professionals. Thereupon the boy had cried bitterly in the evening. What hit the mother so that she set everything in motion, called the boss, and then could still wander along.

The separation of the parents had hit the family hard at the time. They were all attached to each other, but for complicated reasons there was no other option. Inge aghakhan was a single parent as a result, had to support herself and the two boys. A hard time. Money was more than scarce. Vacations or lavish gifts were out of the question, and yet the mother managed to create lasting, beautiful memories. "Die waldweihnacht" (the forest christmas), pit spontaneously has in mind. With other families who felt the same way, they went into the forest with lanterns.

Everyone decorated it with home-made fairy lights and then they ate the food they had brought with them. The animals were given food and sang to the battery-powered radio. Inge aghakhan read the christmas story to him.

After the bankruptcy of her employer, she was left with nothing, then returned to her first profession as a hairdresser, where she even earned her master’s degree. So she was busy. But many of pit’s friends also had separated and working parents. "We have been out a lot, we have done a lot with each other, we have helped each other." Whenever she could manage it, his mother organized parties together. The friendships have lasted. For everyone, his mother is still "inge" today, buried with rough hello. This pleases the rolfing physiotherapist, who has had a practice in bamberg for a year – in which his mother supports him to the best of her ability.

"That keeps me young", says the 68-year-old, who is extremely proud of her son for having built up such a career after finding out years ago that being a wholesaler was probably not his destiny. Pit has been married for a year. Inge aghakhan gets along fine with her daughter-in-law.

"I am really thankful that I still have a mother", says pit, because some of his friends don’t have any anymore. He likes that inge aghakhan is so sociable, so active, that she approaches people "everyone knows her". Oh, actually he can say it: "yes, my mom is the best." Why still? Pit laughs. "Because she makes the best food, and then he starts to pay up, which takes time.

What is the mother proud of? "That pit is honest, that he has compassion for his fellow human beings, especially in this day and age. I am proud that he is a decent and honest person." She loves her sons, no question. And vice versa; probably always.

This is shown by another incident, which both of them describe. The mother always cut the hair of the sons. With pit once not as he had commissioned it. Pit was so disappointed that he locked himself in and shouted, "I don’t love you anymore." But that only lasted one evening.

Colorful flowers

What does inge aghakhan want for mother’s day?? "Nothing, I have everything." Of course there are a few flowers. "She likes all flowers, already colorful", woman the son. Then she digs out a yellowed DIN A-4 sheet of paper. "This is what pit did with me in first grade for mothers day." "My dear mother, it says in colorful acurate, scrawly children’s writing "i wish you happiness and gladness"…. And"… I want to make you happy." Then the lively lady becomes quite calm and grins, almost a bit of a pit grin, it seems. Before it gets too ruhrselig, pit grabs his mom on the treatment flat and devotes himself to her neck.

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