Spicy play with femininity

Spicy play with femininity

"I am what I am." I am what i am. Male, female, in love transition, in glittering show world, as world hit, private, in family. Jerry hermann's musical "ein kafig voller narren," which premiered in 1983, is clarifying, even provocative to the long-time homosexual couple george and albin, who want to help george's son jean-michel to love-glory with the daughter of an arch-conservative politician, no more, at least in germany. Here, says director holger hauer, it works above all as a "deep family play with the plea: love your children, take care of them."

As such at least he wants to bring it on the preserved musical boards of the landestheater coburg. Premiere is on saturday. But of course, with all the emphasis on the human self-evident with a magnificent show stage, on which albin, called zaza, gives his transvestite acts, and hopefully with well-timed gags.

Holger hauer, himself a renowned musical performer and well-known from various television roles, was called to coburg for help for the second time now. At the beginning of the season, he had to take on the challenge of "me and my girl" at short notice gags, so also for "la cache aux folles" is called, the title of the worldwide success, which first appeared in 1978 as an italian-french film comedy. The intended director was lost, the leipzig opera director franziska severin. The next time, however, he will be scheduled from the beginning for a change, as intendant bodo busse has promised him.

But first to george and zaza, who have to turn their somewhat unconventional home into a stronghold of bourgeois morality for the inaugural visit of jean-michel's father-in-law-in-waiting, including his devoted mother. Should this be a problem for zaza??

Not only the tuntenspab
Holger hauer had to jump into an already existing concept, but was still able to influence thomas gabriel's stage design and sven bindseil's costume designs to such an extent that he can realize the musical the way he dreams of it. "We stay in the original environment, in st. Tropez." The spab at the rehearsals has meanwhile become so complex that roland fister, the musical director of the production, only speaks french "rolo" is called.

"For all the lightness and colorfulness of the show, for all the comedy, the precision of which I set great store by", holger hauer emphasizes that he is primarily "pursuing the questions of what is normal, what is abnormal, where does the other have to be accepted, what is life really about?." He wants to laugh as much as he wants to cry, hauer liked comedy theater, which is deeply touching beyond all laughter, beyond the tuntenspab.

And that's exactly what's in jerry hermann's very coherent musical score. "He has understood how to put into notes the light and beautiful, the humorous, coupled with love and a longing for togetherness".
Once again, this production is an intense challenge for the haus am schlossplatz, from the workshops, which have to produce a dazzling array of colors in stage, costume and make-up, to the ballet, which is assisted by four guests dancing, singing and choreographing (jorg ortmann with his own tap number), to the actual performers from the acting ensemble, who were once again allowed to prove what they can do vocally as well: first and foremost stephan mertl as the very normal homo george and: niklaus scheibli as zaza. The philharmonic orchestra of the landestheater will play.

Zaza in her central role as mother

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