He who buries the climate

He who buries the climate

The marchers have to make way along the narrow sidewalk to make room for the funeral procession. Some look incredulous, others take pictures. 20 people march with burning grave lights in their hands behind the black coffin, which is marked with the word "climate" is labeled. The "gravediggers attending the funeral: a young man with a "ferrari" shield cap-shirt, sunglasses and license plates goes as a car industry, which is supported by a miner in the coal industry. On the political side, the groko marches with an empty "climate package side by side with donald trump.

The students for future art campaign in bamberg takes place in the middle of the so-called climate week. Universities across the federal republic invite people to discuss climate protection. The university is to become a "public climate school" point out the impending collapse of the environment and climate and initiate countermeasures.

Student eva dresel looks on as the coffin and lights are laid to the sound of a funeral march in the university courtyard at markusplatz. "Dramatic means are appropriate. And so the news is very well rubergebracht", it finds itself. "Even at university, the issue is not yet prominent enough, which is why we resort to such motifs", laura kohler from students for future describes the concept.

Today, fridays for future, millions of people around the world are once again taking to the streets to advocate climate protection. In germany alone, demonstrations are taking place in more than 500 cities. In bamberg, too, a demonstration will start at 12 p.M. On the square in front of the train station and move through the city center to heumarkt.

Luca rosenheimer from fridays for future in bamberg sees an urgent need for further action. The hot summer with forest fires on all continents and the thawing of permafrost accelerated climate change. But it is not only on a global level that politics must intervene: "if representatives in the environmental senate of the city of bamberg were serious, they would not have postponed the climate emergency until next year in april, rosenheimer criticizes developments on the ground. The administration has to show more courage and spend a lot of money for the implementation of these measures.

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