Political resistance grows: the breadbasket should stay

political resistance grows: the breadbasket should stay

Bernhard panzer it was in the run-up to the last meeting of the finance committee that mayor german hacker made an announcement. In the course of the upcoming budget discussions for 2021, consideration must also be given to sacrificing the so-called baker’s or breadbasket button. So: the first free half hour of parking will no longer exist. The FT reported on 10. October ("parking spaces to become more expensive – backer button on the prufstand").

In the meeting then germinated first resistance against the project, even from their own ranks. SPD faction leader holger auernheimer had made clear: "we cannot imagine the backer button being abolished in herzogenaurach.). After the mayor has "let the cat out of the bag" in this meeting, the free voters are now speaking out with a statement on the issue.

Suggestion of the free voters

Manfred welker makes it clear in the short press release that the preservation of the breadbasket is close to his heart: "the free voters are committed to enabling visitors to the city center to park for 30 minutes without paying a fee in the future as well", it literally. And further:" it should be worth it to the people in charge to make the city center of herzogenaurach interesting for visitors."

For the four councillors in the city council, this facility makes it easier for customers to come into the city center for short errands. "The purchasing power stays in the city center", is emphasized. It is also pointed out that the breadbasket is the result of a suggestion by the free electorate of herzogenaurach. Customers in the city center will be able to park for the first 30 minutes without paying a fee.

Welker further stated that the retention should also apply in times of austerity. Because: "in contrast to herzogenaurach, some cities are taking a different approach. To keep the purchasing power in the cities, they abolish parking fees completely." Including some that are not doing so well economically.

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