33-Year-old man injures two police officers while driving at night on the a3 fub

33-year-old man injures two police officers while driving at night on the a3 fub

A 33-year-old man from munich kept the aschaffenburg police on their toes on wednesday morning. According to the police, the man was apparently under the influence of drugs, was carrying narcotics and injured two police officers after they had picked him up as a fugitive on the highway.

Road users had informed the police in lower franconia that a man was running on the A3 in the area between bessenbach and weibersbrunn (district of aschaffenburg) and that an unsecured vehicle was standing nearby. A patrol car of the aschaffenburg police took care of the matter and found the dog around 2 a.M.8 p.M. In addition to an unlit fiat 500 on the hard shoulder, the person in question also ran into the patrol car in the right lane shortly before the weibersbrunn junction.

33-year-old runs out of gas on A3 at night

The 33 year old was uncooperative with the two police officers from the very first moment and only with the help of another patrol was it possible to take the man to the police station. More police officers were busy securing and then recovering the vehicle, which had apparently stalled due to a lack of gasoline.

The accused repeatedly admitted to the officers that he had consumed narcotics before driving off. During a search of his belongings, the police eventually seized several bags containing small amounts of marijuana. The accused also showed aggressive behavior, clenched his fist and tried to physically attack the officers. They had to use pepper spray against the man, who lives in munich, and handcuff him. Two police officers were slightly injured by fisticuffs, among other things, but were then able to continue their duties.

By order of the public prosecutor’s office in aschaffenburg, a blood sample was taken from the 33-year-old during the night. The investigation for drunk driving as a result of other intoxicating substances, resistance to law enforcement officers and violation of the narcotics law is now being conducted by the traffic police department of aschaffenburg-hosbach.

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