Nurnberg airport loses air berlin hub

nurnberg airport loses air berlin hub

Bad news for financially troubled nurnberg airport: air berlin cancels tourist hub in franconia in upcoming winter flight schedule. In the future, the company wants to offer mainly direct flights from germany to the southern vacation regions, a spokesman for the airline said on thursday.

Airport managing director karl-heinz kruger told bavarian radio that the loss of the hub would reduce the number of passengers coming to nurnberg by about 200,000 per year. Last year, around 3.6 million travelers used nurnberg airport – a drop of more than nine percent compared to 2011.

Until now, air berlin's hub concept meant that vacation travelers were brought to nurnberg from other german airports and boarded a plane there bound for the mediterranean. For passengers flying directly from nurnberg, this was practical, as they had numerous destinations to choose from. According to air berlin, travelers from nurnberg will be able to fly to ten destinations with more than 100 flights per week, including palma de mallorca, berlin-tegel and vienna.

Hub provided up to one million passengers per year
"When you lose the product of a long-standing customer, that can't make you feel positive", said an airport spokesman. However, air berlin is not relocating the hub, but rather doing without it. This has nothing to do with the quality of the nurnberg airport. As a precautionary measure, the end of the hub has already been taken into account in the planning. "We have planned for this preemptively", the spokesman explained. That is why no job cuts are to be feared now. In peak times – for example in 2008 – the air berlin hub brought the airport one million passengers.

The airport in the north of the city is beset by problems: for years, the company has been posting losses in the millions, and it is not until 2017 that it expects to be in the black again. In order to at least increase the number of passengers again, the airport is now increasingly opening itself up to low-cost airlines such as ryanair.

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