Adventures in the prarie

For four decades now, the little indian boy yakari, well-known from films, literature and horror plays, has fascinated children in the german-speaking world. The experiences of the little sioux indian revolve around friendship, togetherness and the love of nature and animals.

Yakari, the happy indian boy, is characterized by boundless curiosity for the world and great respect for nature and all animals. Yakari is brave, courageous and helpful and therefore he is a figure of identification for his small and big fans. As the only one in the sioux tribe, he has the ability to talk to animals, which makes him many friends and associates among the forest dwellers. With you, his girlfriend rainbow and his pony "little thunder" he experiences numerous exciting adventures and encounters on his forays through the prarie.

These adventures can be seen at a guest performance by the karfunkel figure theater on saturday, 12. January, at 15.30 o’clock in the fortuna culture factory in hochstadt. The stage pictures and the handmade figures were created according to the original drawings of the animated series, the organizers say.

The play, which is staged in four acts, has a duration of 50 minutes and is suitable for children from the age of three. Tickets at a price of eight euros are only available at the box office from 30 minutes before the start of the concert.

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