In the next advent everything will be different

In the past, the stalls were located on the market square, then the kitzingen christmas market moved to the square of the partner towns. Both variants had only moderate success. Now, the city marketing association is planning another change, as claudia biebl, a member of the city marketing association's board of directors, revealed at the meeting of the finance committee on thursday.

Not so good acceptance
From the after-discussion of the christmas market it had become clear that the square of the partner cities would not be accepted as a substitute for the market square. In addition, the exhibitors in particular were critical of the opening times.

Based on these findings, the city marketing association developed a new concept that is to be implemented for the christmas market 2013. "The marketplace is to remain open until 24. December will become a pleasure market", announced biebl. There should be offered mainly food and drinks. Above all the business people should be brought on board.

Strabe becomes an advent strolling mile
Christmas atmosphere should then be created on a christmas market weekend, namely on the kaiser-wilhelm-strabe between the konigsplatz and the gustav-adolf-platz. For this purpose, the street will be closed to traffic, the parking lots will be occupied by the huts and stalls of high-quality vendors, the street itself will remain free for the christmas market visitors. The three days of the christmas market will be accompanied by an attractive program of events.

"I like the new solution", declared the mayor siegfried muller (etc) spontaneously. At the market there had been problems with business people already when setting up the stalls, there was criticism at the place of the twin towns.

"Without planning and without organization, the marketplace was extremely well attended on the last day", reminded muller of the spontaneous "gluhweinparty" on 24. December. This offer should therefore already be available in advent.

A weekend in kaiserstrabe for unusual vendors – for the mayor the right way to go. Almost thoughtful nodding in the council round revealed: the members of the finance committee were enthusiastic. Rosmarie richter (etc.) found nothing at all wrong with the proposal to mitigate a possible deficit with 2,000 euros. In the years 2010 5000 euro and in the following year 3000 euro had been pledged. In 2012, 2000 euros were enough.

Not as tight as before
Brigitte endres-paul (SPD) considered bratwurste and gluhwein as draught horses for the market place, adrea schmidt (odp) wanted to have the hats centered on kaiserstrabe anyway because of the accessibility for wheelchair users.

This was also one of the main concerns of the city marketing association, namely to loosen up the previous tightness, on the market square as well as in the kaiserstrasse.

Anticipation of a winter city festival
"One has learned from experience", andreas moser (CSU) found the inclusion of the businesses positive. The decision to focus on one christmas market weekend should also be evaluated, because a concept for four weeks would probably be difficult to create. "I'm looking forward to a wintry town festival", elvira kahnt (SPD) was enthusiastic, especially since biebl assured that gastronomy and business people would be more involved in the marketplace, especially with the christmas decorations.

Support of the city
With its unanimous decision, the finance committee entrusted the city marketing association with the implementation of the christmas market until 2015 and makes the squares and the town hall available for this purpose as before. Building yard and municipal gardening department take care of christmas trees, cleaning and advertising boards at the entrances to the town as well as the electricity connections. The participation of the tourist information was described as desirable.
Assured was the assumption of a deficit until 2000 euros on presentation of proof, all other costs to be covered by the city marketing association.

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