Bka demands more personnel for neo-nazi investigations

Bka demands more personnel for neo-Nazi investigations

The 360 officers investigating the series of murders by the neo-nazi trio should be strengthened by 50 additional investigators from the federal police and the federal states, BKA president jorg ziercke told the news magazine "spiegel". In the coming week, he plans to present his request to the country’s interior ministers in a telephone conference, as the magazine reports.

After internal reviews, the federal prosecutor’s office assumes that it had not been able to track down the terror cell sooner. According to a spokesman, the federal public prosecutor harald range has already on 22. On november, the federal prosecutor’s office set up an evaluation group from four prosecutors’ offices to examine some 8,000 of the agency’s investigative procedures from 1995 to 2011 for possible shortcomings. The main issue was whether the state of its own investigation into suspected members, supporters or acts of the NSU that had become known to date could have been overlooked.

According to the authorities, there were no indications of incorrect handling of the case or overlooked investigative status of the federal prosecutor’s office in the past. "Rather, the respective assessment was consistently comprehensible and free of legal errors, even from the perspective of a retrospective viewpoint."

Previously, "focus" had reported that the former presiding judge of the federal supreme court, ruth rissing-van saan, had been appointed as an internal "special investigator". She is supposed to check the investigation work of the federal prosecutors in the past years in the right-wing extremist milieu. A spokesman clarified that rissing-van saan was merely to check the already completed report to see whether the audit method was plausible. This is what they have asked range.

Meanwhile, according to "focus," a forensic report is available that convicts the cell’s sole survivor, beate zschape, as the arsonist. A chemist from the saxony state criminal investigation office found residues in the 37-year-old’s stockings that were most likely caused by gasoline. Traces of gasoline were also found in the remains of the burned-out apartment. Zschape should take the apartment on 4. November 2011 to destroy evidence.

Their accomplices uwe bohnhardt and uwe mundlos had previously been tracked down by police during a bank robbery in eisenach, thuringia, and had killed themselves. The trio, from jena, is accused of ten murders and a series of bank robberies, among other things. According to "spiegel", BKA investigations show that 17 rentals of rental cars and mobile homes by the group are temporally connected to their alleged crimes.

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