Singing and mimicry delighted

Singing and mimicry delighted

Once a year, the noble lady's foundation opens the doors of its moated castle for the concert series "music in french castles". About 100 visitors listened to the five singers of the vocal group "amacord". "It was more than worth it to come here", emphasized listener klaus wilm. He was delighted by the lively singing.
A group of visitors from bamberg even traveled 100 kilometers just to hear the concert. "And it was worth it", underlined one of the upper franconians. "These sangers are world class", also gerhard bornkessel said. He did not regret the move from heckmuhle to the waizenbacher water castle.
The five "amacord-the singers are from the famous leipzig thomanerchor: wolfram and martin lattke (both tenor), frank ozimek (baritone), daniel knauft and holger krause (both bass).
"Murderousness and other life situations", was the main topic for this special kind of song evening. "Our concert is about murder and manslaughter, about love and jealousy", knauft explained the special selection of pieces for this evening. From the italian renaissance to german romanticism and modernism, the two dozen lectures covered a wide range of topics.
The audience was fascinated not only by the masterly voices, but also by the facial expressions and gestures, which often demanded a great deal of physical effort from the performers. Sometimes it even had the effect of exaggerated comedy, which, however, harmoniously fitted the topics. First and foremost, tenor wolfram lattke contorted himself to the delight of the audience.

Magical effect

Even after two hours of singing the magic effect of the group did not stop. Of course, there was still an encore to come.
"Werewolves, ghosts, murders, adulteresses, suicides", knauft summed up the concert evening's theme. Divorces 450 years ago in italian, the warnings for the horned husband from that time, painful madrigals and the hunt of the nobility for the sparing woman cat love the present forgotten.
In a farewell song, the slain husband was sung about – the wife follows him to his death in order to continue tormenting her husband in hell. The audience looked shocked.

Ennobled by expertise

The musical spectrum ranged from instrumental imitations of an orchestra and trivial songs by a schneider in love to "waltzing matilda", australia's best-known folk song. Everything that the singers put on the music stands was ennobled by their skills. The high quality of the thomanerchor, founded in 1012, also shone through in the "amacord"-sangern by.

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