The segnitz gymnastics club is still sporty at 120

the segnitz gymnastics club is still sporty at 120

120 years of the segnitz gymnastics club, 100 years of fistball in segnitz: two major anniversaries are on the TV segnitz calendar this year. On sunday, therefore, old traditions were continued and the two birthdays were celebrated with a sports sunday.

But before the athletes could play on the pitch and show off the wide range of activities offered by the club, a church service was held on the sports field. Pastor richard troge naturally placed his sermon under the theme of sport, showing in a humorous but profound way that sport, like faith, is not just about being there, but above all about achieving something.

The chairman of the association timo hofmann then looked back on some important milestones in the history of the association. After its foundation in august 1899, gymnastics was the main focus at TV segnitz. Until the 1970s, the segnitz squads were always successful above the gymnastics league level as well. Then the fistball gradually replaced gymnastics as the club’s flagship sport.

After the foundation of the department in 1919, the fistballers had regular places on the district level for a long time. Today both the men and the women play in the national leagues. With numerous bavarian and german titles, european and world champions, TV segnitz is now one of the top teams in the german fustball world.

In addition to fistball, the club offers its 465 members other sports and recreational opportunities ranging from parent-child gymnastics to ball sports for children, sports badges, rhythmic gymnastics, pilates, yoga, volleyball, gymnastics, hiking, and senior sports.

Mayor marlene bauer presented the pit to the community and emphasized the great importance of the clubs for the village community. However, she also appealed to the members to support the responsible persons to the best of their abilities and thus to maintain these important honorary positions.

Then it got sporty. 40 participants took part in the sports badge to break the club record set in 1999, the year of the club’s anniversary. The program also included a games course for children, a bouncy castle, pilates to participate in, volleyball and a small field fistball tournament.

In addition, a photo exhibition in 120 years of gymnastics club and 100 years of fistball in segnitz. Other events on the calendar for the anniversary year include the club’s oktoberfest, a fistball tournament for everyone, and the segnitzer winterzauber.

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