Housing development is on the way

Three pages of sound insulation certificates were needed, planner gerhard wittmann told the youngest meeting of the schlusselfeld city council on the development plan for the johanniter housing estate. The development plan is intended to make possible a residential and service complex of the johanniter unfallhilfe at bamberger strabe.

On the site, which is already owned by the aid organization, ten plots of land for residential buildings will be designated at the same time. Intensive noise protection requirements are intended to protect the building complex from the main road and the residential area from noise emanating from the parking lots.

At the meeting, it was decided that the public should be involved in the development process at an early stage. Beforehand, the planner explained the development plan and its stipulations. The one to four-storey building complex of the johanniter accident assistance is to be built along the state road. In the west of the country, the urban land-use plan provides for the establishment of a general residential area with ten apartment buildings with a maximum of three residential units. Wittmann explained that a 2.50-meter-high noise barrier would be needed between the 82 parking spaces (for the johanniter service complex) and the residential area. More "passives larmschutzmabnahmen were demanded in the direction of the staatsstrabe. For the residential properties, cisterns have been specified in the development plan, which can be used for watering the garden or for toilets.

Rates demand concrete plans

The meeting also voiced criticism of the johanniter’s draconian behavior: for more planning certainty, dieter hofmann and rainer herdegen (both SPD) demanded that concrete plans finally be presented. The city, on the other hand, seems to know that the johanniters have a "rifle at the ready" with their planning stand. After all, the concept implemented in the development plan also originated from the johanniters. In the end, they are just waiting for the green light from the federal association.

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