From sales child to respected entrepreneur

As horst hofmann on 7. Born in november 1938 in the braunau district of sudetenland, he had never dreamed of making it as an entrepreneur here in the frankenwald. Like many of his compatriots, he and his family were expelled by the czechs in august 1945 and came to bitterfeld via bad schandau and dresden. As luck would have it, his father ended up in wallenfels after his captivity. In february 1948, the family was reunited in the beautiful town of redachtal.

His father had set up a small workshop and repaired everything that came up. Horst had to help out until he got an apprenticeship in nurnberg. Horst hofmann always has fond memories of school and his apprenticeship as a motor vehicle mechanic in nurnberg and his journeyman's examination in may 1959. In december 1961, he left the army and his bachelor's life behind him when he met a young, blond girl – his current wife helga. The two celebrated their wedding on 26. December 1963 in naila, and in may 1964 son bernhard was born, followed by son michael in may 1965.

Horst hofmann had finally arrived in wallenfels, passed the master craftsman's examination with flying colors and took over the service station and workshop on bahnhofstrabe at the end of 1969. This workshop is now being continued in its third generation. Although there is no longer a gas station, the workshop with service and sales is horst hofmann's pride and joy. Everything is "in safe hands" in the private sector, too. In december, the 80-year-old celebrated his golden wedding anniversary with helga.

But horst hofmann's life was and is not just about his workshop and his work. Even though he served for 16 years as chairman of the kronach district in the automobile guild. The jubilarian is particularly proud of one thing. Since january 2003, he has been in charge of the chapel on the silberberg between wallenfels and steinwiesen. A small enclave on steinwiesen territory belonging to wallenfels. Here he can really live out his honorary office. In a way, he is also a club man, even if he is mostly passive. But he has been a member of the wallenfels table tennis club since it was founded in 1963. He was chairman from 1969 to 1987, and second chairman from 1988 to 1997. In 1998, he was appointed honorary chairman for his services, and he stepped into the breach when no chairman could be found during the 2010 elections. "This is my club, even though I never played table tennis actively, says horst hofmann.

On his anniversary, representatives of all his clubs came to congratulate him. FC wallenfels, ski-club kronach, hiking club frankenlust, frankenwaldverein, schutzengesellschaft, heimatverein braunau, CSU wallenfels and of course the TTC wallenfels. A standela was brought by the wallenfels music society to its member and on behalf of the city, jens korn congratulated him. 

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