A firefighter through and through

A firefighter through and through

Whenever firefighters in trebgast are mentioned in any form over the last 50 years, sooner or later a name automatically comes into play, namely that of emil lauterbach. He now celebrates his 70th birthday. Birthday. Emil lauterbach has been a firefighter in body and soul for almost 50 years. In 18 years as commander and 12 years as first chairman, he has advanced the defense force. His term of office included the acquisition of the current losch vehicle and the construction of the gerate house. Reason enough to appoint him honorary chairman in 2018.

The common good is close to the birthday boy’s heart. He also demonstrates this in the municipal council, which he has been a member of since 1996. There, his advice is needed above all when it comes to structural matters.

He remained "his" even after retirement wehr connected. But he now also has more time to make himself useful – mainly on historical ground: according to an entry on parchment paper in the alkuin bible of the state library of bamberg, there was very probably a castle estate of the walpoten dynasty on his garden plot around 1035. Gardening naturally takes on a completely different meaning. Otherwise, the jubilarian likes to spend time in reit im winkl.

After attending school, emil lauterbach first learned his trade "at the blacksmith’s in feuln" in 1964 the job of a machine mechanic. After completing his military service, he joined the hofknecht company in neudrossenfeld in 1971. He has been married to his wife edith since 1970. In addition to three children and three grandchildren, mayor werner diersch on behalf of the municipality, pastor peter ahrens on behalf of the church congregation and the fire department congratulated him on his honorary day. Dieter hubner

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