Rodentalers prove their drive

At the district olympics, spittelstein, rothenhof, blumenrod, einberg, kipfendorf, waldsachsen, unterwohlsbach and monchroden competed against each other in five disciplines to prove that their district was the best district in rodental. For rothenhof, it was all about defending the title – but that didn’t turn out to be too easy. For blumenrod, none other than mayor marco steiner () started as a team member and the other teams were also eager to take the title from rothenhof.

The competition called for ingenuity, strength, skill, and team cohesion. The beginning seemed quite harmless: a quiz asked the participants how much they knew about politics, history, germany and their city of rodental, and how good their general knowledge was. Questions like "who was ruth stocke?", "what was the lowest temperature ever measured in germany??" Or "what is the most expensive city in the world??" Might have made many a team sweat.

Strength and strategy

After that, strength and strategy were in the foreground. As many beer crates as possible had to be carried by the four team members. The conditions: the beer boxes had to touch each other and no aids could be used. How these stacks of beer crates were lifted was up to the teams – as long as the crates did not touch the ground. And so each of the teams worked out its own strategy: the kipfendorfers lay down on the floor and piled the crates on top of themselves. So they managed to make a good start with 26 crates of beer. Einberg tried a long row of beer crates, with two of the team members pressing the rough ends of the row against each other and a third in the middle, while the fourth handed over the crates. With this technique and the help of their last reserves of strength, the einberger team managed to carry 23 crates.

Last year’s winners from rothenhof tried to reduce the kraftauand as much as possible: instead of a long string of boxes, they left it at just five in the long one. They then stacked more beer crates on top of this short row, so that the three fighters lifted a rough, rectangular structure into the air. However, the high stakes also had its pitfalls: even if you stood on your tiptoes and stretched far upwards, above a certain height you could no longer reach the beer crates. Nevertheless, rothenhof managed to lift 30 beer crates with this technique and thus present the best result up to that time.

How to…

The other teams were not discouraged by the outstanding performance of last year’s winner. Spittelstein tried it in a similar way to rothenhof, only they were still tweaking one or two weaknesses of the concept: the competitors at the ends of the row were kneeling down, so that it was theoretically possible to build even further upwards. In addition, they increased the length of the series to six beer crates. The whole thing looked a bit shaky, but the tactics of the spittelstein team worked out: they outdid rothenhof with an astonishing 38 lifted beer crates.

Next, the eight teams competed in "rubber boot kicking" against each other. The aim was to push a rubber boot that was half-striped over the fub as far away from the target line as possible by skilful lunging. Here it was particularly important for the public, who eagerly cheered on their respective districts, to pay close attention to how the competitors were performing. The trajectory of a rubber boot is almost unpredictable and it was not uncommon for one or the other rubber boot to stray into the direction of the audience. The spectators were all able to get out of the way in time and took these minor lapses with humor.

The most difficult discipline of the olympics, however, was probably the mixed course. Here, the teams were expected to perform a wide variety of tasks, ranging from hanging laundry to saying a tree trunk. This test is only passed with flying colors by the team that sticks together well. And the final classic party game, "monday painter," was also a great success, the teams had to prove that they are well attuned to each other.

In the end, the blumenroder team around burgermeister marco steiner, which was still in the middle of the field at the beginning, emerged as the winners of the day. The team can look forward to the next district olympics with the title "best district of rodental" neat. Second place was shared by kipfendorf and monchroden, and last year’s winner rothenhof still made it onto the winners’ podium in third place.

The placements:

1. Blumenrod

2. Kipfendorf and monchroden

3. Rothenhof

4. Einberg

5. Unterwohlsbach

6. Spittelstein

7. Waldsachsen

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