The robber first goes shopping in a supermarket in kronach, then assaults the cashier

The last customer in the store. One more cashing in, then it’s off to the end of the day. This was probably the opinion of the young man who sab at the checkout in the norma branch in kronach on wednesday evening shortly before closing time. But what followed was the horror of a lifetime: the alleged customer turned out to be a robber who suddenly brandished a gun and demanded the cashier’s takings.

In the meantime, it is clear: it was only a pellet gun. "But our employee did not know that at that moment", describes the norma sales manager northern bavaria ulrich schott. The young man, who has been working in the norma in kronach for two years, hands over the money to the criminal in a state of complete confusion: just 300 euro. "That’s all we can get", explains schott, because the cash receipts are skimmed several times a day.

Especially brazen: the robber first acted like a normal customer, walked through the aisle and packed a few small things: "a cola, a pastry and a net with clementines", the sales manager pays. "The goods have a value of less than five euros. He also took it with him – without paying for it."

With his booty, the perpetrator storms off to drauben. His accomplice waits in a car a little apart, so as not to attract attention. But this only works to a certain extent. "They were noticed by a witness waiting outside to pick up one of our trainees."

Witness observes escape

The witness and the victim were able to provide the police officers with a detailed description of the crime. In addition, surveillance cameras had filmed the perpetrator. "However, there would not have been much recognizable, because he wore a dark parka and disguised himself with hood and scarf."

The victim thought nothing of it at first. "At present many run around in such a way, in order to protect itself."

Not even two hours after the robbery, the police in kronach succeeded in arresting the suspects. "The police must be given a rough commendation. They were here in no time and had posts on the streets as well."

Contrary to what was first reported, according to information of the french day, it should not be two men, but a 50-year-old woman and her 20-year-old son. "We’re pretty sure we’ve arrested the right ones", reports johannes trankle of the coburg public prosecutor’s office, which issued a warrant for the robbery duo’s arrest. "We were able to recover an amount of cash that roughly corresponds to the supermarket receipts that were stolen – and they were."

The coburg police have taken up the investigation. "When it comes to the charge, we can not say anything yet." The suspected robbers had been sent to different correctional facilities – not only because they were a man and a woman. "That’s normal, because we want to avoid that the involved parties agree on the crime", reports johannes trankle, declares trankle.

Victim copes well with incident

Meanwhile, the norma sales manager is relieved that the culprits have been caught. "That naturally reassures my employees when they know that they won’t come back again." Nonetheless, the incident was a great success for the victim. "I suspect he had a restless night. But he seems calm and thoughtful and is taking it well."

As a precaution, the young man received psychological care on friday and first had a long weekend. "We are in constant exchange. On monday we will see further."

Fortunately, there have been no robberies this year or last year at the norma stores that schott manages. But he has already experienced cases in which the employees affected are no longer able to work at the checkout until today. "Some people can’t cope with that. You can only understand that if you have experienced it yourself."

When schott learned of the robbery on wednesday evening, he immediately drove to the kronach branch office. "My employees are worth that to me. The main thing is that no one was hurt. Everything else is incidental." And even if the relief is rough that no one was hurt: it could have ended differently. After all, there were four employees in the supermarket at the time of the crime.

The sales manager hopes that this was a sad isolated incident. "I would like our employees, who are currently performing at a high level, to be respected more."

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