Regional league all saints

regional league all saints

nothing is the way it used to be since the fubball association believes it has to move with the times. Let’s just take the draw. This is not a new invention of the fubball officials, but a well-known result, when each team scores the same number of goals or – in case of a 0:0 – the same number of goals. Earlier one could even speak of a division of points. In the age of the threesome, which has been rewarded for a victory in the bundesliga since the 1995/96 season, things are getting more difficult. When there were two payers for a win, everything was clear in the event of a draw: one for each. And now? One and a half? God forbid. We journalists are the ones who have the problem in the first place. We have to rethink. There is no real division of points in fubball anymore.


When models stroll down the runway at the fashion fairs in milan or paris, they are illuminated by dozens of spotlights. After all, they and the clothes they present should appear in the best possible light. When women’s soccer players have to or want to play their top game in the upper district league under more or less dim conditions, it is obvious that there is not much worth seeing – purely from a sporting point of view? My ass! From a sporting point of view, the upper district league also seems to be just a stopover for the women’s soccer team from dettelbach and its suburbs. After the preliminary round, the record of the promoted team is impressive: nine victories, 40:4 goals. The star shines brightly, brighter anyway than the floodlight.

Our photographer michael kammerer had to do some headstands to take at least a few usable pictures during the 4:0 victory of the hosts and their players from the local parts against the kickers from aschaffenburg.


"Once upon a time …" Many marches begin. One of them: no fubball is allowed to be played on all saints’ day. At least, that’s what we were told by josef emmert, head of the junior district in lower franconia, when asked, because he had scheduled a catch-up match in the u-19 junior district upper league between bavaria and SSV kitzingen for that very day. "This rule no longer exists. Unless the sports field is next to the cemetery."

And because we wanted to read about it in black and white, we googled "fubball an allerheiligen". The result: the union-sportverein allerheiligen bei wildon is an austrian football club. He plays in the regionalliga mitte, the third-highest division in austria.

Well then everything is in order.

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