Two girls close in bamberg for a good cause

Two girls close in bamberg for a good cause

Elisa holds the pink ribbon with the white dots under the needle with concentration. Your right fub in your puschel slipper presses lightly on the pedal, like driving a car. One more pass through from the other side, and the bag is ready. Her friend merle examines the result with an expert’s eye, then they both laugh.

Two years ago, the two nine-year-olds started sewing and got a machine for their birthday. "You can invent and tinker things yourself. And then you can take them to bed with you as a cuddly toy", merle explains her fascination for handicrafts. "It’s great when you can use things you make yourself", agrees with elisa. But in the meantime there is no more room in the beds of the two of them.

"Even alpacas!"

That’s why they have decided to sell their artworks outside the hausture to passers-by walking along weidendamm. The two rather quiet girls have brought their siblings on board for the sales talk, reveals elisa’s mother anna bergmann-botsch. With success: they earned around 200 euros with their hobby.

"When you sell something, i don’t think it’s so great to keep everything", says elisa. "It is better to help the poor." And so the two decided to support two social institutions. 100 euros went to the charity farm of waltraud albert in the ebensfeld district of pferdsfeld. "They even have alpacas!", shouts merle enthusiastically.

More than 100 animals from the animal shelter spend their twilight years on the farm because they can no longer be rehomed. Albert runs the farm alone and depends on donations. "There is always something. Now they have to operate a goat", tells merle. "The vet also costs money", female elisa.

Waltraud albert took a lot of time for elisa and merle and showed the girls the whole farm and the many horses, ponies, goats, donkeys, cats and dogs. Cats are the favorite animals of elisa. She knows merle since the nursery, but after that they went to different kindergartens. "At school, we became real friends and sewed together", merle tells.

The remaining 100 euros went to the warmestube for homeless people in bamberg. Elisa’s mother knows the director peter klein. The girls also visited the warmestube. "They were very pleased that we were there. That was right already", tells elisa.

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