Militia camp stormed in bengasi, libya – rough demonstration against violence

Militia camp stormed in Bengasi, Libya - rough demonstration against violence

At least three people were killed and 20 others wounded in gun battles saturday night, the arabic news channel al-jazeera reported. Ansar al-sharia militia suspected of involvement in attack on u.S. Consulate in city ten days ago. The american ambassador and three other u.S. Burgers died in it.

Already on friday afternoon, about 20,000 people had gathered for a protest march against violence under the slogan "friday of the rescue of bengasi. Later, according to reports, the anger boiled up, hundreds of demonstrators stormed the headquarters of ansar al-scharia with shouts of "libya, libya" or "no to militia.

The demonstrators, some of whom were armed with swords and meat cleavers, had called on the fighters to lay down their weapons and chased them out of the camp. TV pictures showed burning buildings and vehicles. "After what happened at the american consulate, we’ve had enough of the extremists," said a demonstrator in front of the camera.

When the crowd wanted to storm another supposed militia camp in the city, fighters with machine guns had opened fire. As it hieb with reference to hospital data, thereby three people died.

A correspondent reporting from bengasi for the CNN news network said the second camp was not an islamist base, but a camp for forces loyal to the government. It appears that the demonstrators were misled with false information. According to information from the british broadcaster BBC, there was another fatality elsewhere in the course of the protests.

The ansar al-sharia militia is said to have links to the al-qaeda terrorist network. Shortly after the attack on the U.S. Consulate in benghazi, the group was mentioned as a possible wire-puller. The militia commanders, however, deny any involvement.

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