The building sites in kups are not enough

the building sites in kups are not enough

Additional chairs had to be brought into the gymnasium, such was the rough response to the burgers’ meeting held at the school on thursday evening. While the explanations of the mayor bernd rebhan (CSU) were quite extensive, the contributions of the burghers were very limited.

Bernd rebhan reported on the current state of affairs in the second largest municipality of the district of kronach. It became clear that it is a challenge for the municipality to meet the demand for building land, to satisfy the wishes of those who want to build, and at the same time to eliminate vacancies within the town or to close building gaps. Rebhan spoke of a brisk demand for construction. At present, the "lohacker in burkersdorf 15 and with zettlitzweg/melanger four building plots were created. The municipality could sell more building sites than it has. They are willing to offer flat sites to prospective builders, but they should not always be on the green meadow. "We have to be very careful here – because we also have to watch out for the core locations."

In the designation of commercial areas, the municipality’s hands are tied to a certain extent due to the planning of the B173 and B303 roads, said the mayor. "We do not know what will happen next!" He briefly discussed the two smaller commercial areas in schmolz.

"Giant projects"

Rebhan is determined to continue planning flood protection for johannisthal and au: "we have to get ahead, regardless of what happens with the B 173."

Giant projects for the kups are the renovation of the elementary school and the new construction of the middle school and the gymnasium. The market will invest around 12.8 million euros in this project, which is scheduled to be inaugurated in 2022. And the market town is also contributing 880,000 euros to the construction of a new kindergarten with a nursery school in the core community.

Rebhan went on to report on the second challenge in broadband development. It is demanded where 30 mbit is not yet achieved.

Rebhan described the north-east bavaria demand offensive as a blessing. Eleven projects have been registered. For two million, the municipality was able to demolish previously vacant buildings, or put them to some use.

He also wanted the audience to know that the municipality was on board with the district’s renovation of county roads. In the course of these tree removals, water and sewer lines were laid and sidewalks were created or rehabilitated. As construction projects, he mentioned the renovation of the KC 22/through burkersdorf next year, the renovation of the KC 13 in au (2021), the KC 22/through kups (2022), the renovation of the rodbachbrucke (2023) and the construction of a crossing aid in kups/baugebiet rothen (2020).

Rebhan also spoke about the copper development concept, in which there was lively citizen participation. This is about moving the community forward for the next ten years.

30-mph zone in the lauschaweg

With regard to the monument concept, the mayor is hopeful that it will now be possible to fill the building at marktplatz 6 with life again. In addition, he buried the plan to call a forderverein kultur into being. This could support the new museum, which is to be integrated in the upper castle, too.

Finally, he spoke about the community’s burgundy foundation. In this context, he thanked the von kunsberg family. The latter had asked for donations to the burgerstiftung markt kups instead of flowers and wreaths on the occasion of the death of manfred freiherr von kunsberg. A handsome amount of money was collected, said rebhan.

The two messages from the burghers were about "unsightly legacies" from visitors at the playground in "melm II and the introduction of a speed-30-zone in lauschaweg. The mayor explained that the building yard would take care of the playground. A speed limit of 30 km/h would also be set up on the lauschaweg.

During the meeting also numbers were mentioned. The mayor spoke of 28 meetings with 356 individual resolutions since 2017. 303 resolutions had been passed unanimously. The number of residents has increased by 160 to 7585 since october 2015. The number of jobs subject to social insurance contributions is 1658.

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