Rausch wants a place for the subdistrict in berlin

Rausch wants a place for the subdistrict in berlin

Thomas rausch is not a man who plays keep. That's why the newly elected chairman of the coburg/kronach SPD subdistrict set the tone for the offensive at the subdistrict party conference at the TSV sports center. In the municipal elections on 16. Marz keeping the number of district councillors, mayors and county councillors in the sub-district is not enough for the 54-year-old: "we want to win more mandate holders."

But, as rausch openly admitted in his introductory speech, the SPD was anything but convincing in the fall elections for the state parliament and the federal parliament. "These were not events to be remembered fondly", rausch told the delegates from the two counties of coburg and kronach.

The power of the vote
And nevertheless: the new subdistrict chairman also drew positive conclusions from the disappointing results. After all, the sub-district had achieved the best bavarian first-vote result for the SPD with norbert tessmer and, without a list candidate, a great second-vote result. Therefore, looking four years into the future, rausch also made a clear demand: the SPD in the coburg-kronach electoral district needs a promising place for its candidate on the bavarian state list. "It can't be that we get the votes and don't have a secure place on the state list", thomas rausch urged.

Now the new subdistrict chairman is looking ahead to the next two elections – the municipal elections (16. March) and the election to the european parliament that followed a few weeks later, thomas rausch. Once the SPD has this behind it, it is time – in view of three years without a run at the ballot box – to tackle structural issues. Here, rausch focused on the development of the school landscape and the expansion of childcare. "Good work, good future prospects, good cohesion" – one must offer that to the humans in the region.

The convincing election of rausch ends a period of transition in the SPD sub-district of. After the previous chairman and candidate for the bundestag, carl-christian dressel, pulled out, the two district chairmen carsten hollein (coburg) and ralf pohl (kronach) led the subdistrict. Hollein, who, in his own words, "over night," was the new chairman of the subdistrict, who had to take over the leadership, spoke of an "exceptional situation" in his activity report, that the party has met just before two decisive elections. But he also showed understanding for the withdrawal of carl-christian dressel: "he made a mistake and drew the consequences."

However, the fact that the SPD in the subdistrict was left without a deputy in berlin was of course a problem. After all, the mandate holders contribute decisively to the financing of the work and the election campaigns of the SPD at the local level with their levies. Speaking of election campaigns, hollein said that in the past two elections, it had become clear that the traditional form, with many public rallies, was no longer producing the desired results. But the (at the time of his speech still) provisional sub-district chairman also saw the many successful local politicians as having a duty to get more involved in elections at state and national level: "they are our gross capital. I expect them to be more involved in the future."

Schwarz "supervised coburg
Since the counties of coburg and kronach will not have an SPD member of parliament for the next four years, the "care deputy" responsible for coburg presented himself at the subdistrict party conference in front of: andreas schwarz from the bamberg/forchheim electoral district. The former mayor of strullendorf admitted that the social democrats "did not achieve the result we had imagined" in the federal elections. But now the focus is on the municipal elections and the strength of the SPD," he winks. In the future, the district of kronach will be taken care of by petra ernstberger, a member of the federal parliament from hofen.

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