1100-Year celebration: wiesentheid as a picture book

Visitors, participants as well as the organizers were impressed and enthusiastic about the historical procession on sunday in wiesentheid. On the occasion of its anniversary "1100 years of wiesentheid", the market had put together a show in which events from the history of the community were depicted with great attention to detail.

60 groups and 1000 participants

60 groups with about 1000 participants transformed the town center into a colorful picture book. Wiesentheid gave itself a present with the festival procession on kirchweih sunday.

Someone up there in the sky must have been protecting wiesentheid on sunday afternoon. The raindrops in the morning were followed by a storm, which later arrived. Luckily not until the procession had long since reached the festival site.

Stone fallen from the heart

On the day after the event, organizer erwin jager was relieved: "I'm so glad everything went well. We knew that it would be tight, because the storm started at 15 pm.30 o'clock was announced."

Erwin jager stood at the palace square, directly in front of the city hall, in order to comment on the train for the guests and to introduce the groups from there. He, too, was dressed in historical clothes from the baroque period – as were almost all the participating groups. The municipality had hired a historic costume rental company including tailoring from gera to dress the guests.

A look into history

The children who took part were also dressed in beautiful costumes. On the wagons was shown the history of wiesentheid, starting with the deed of gift 918. There was a lot of history, the elevation to a parish, the various lords of the manor up to the schonborns, and much more.

Special buildings were to be seen, the associations presented themselves and represented the actors for the wagons. The show, in which also the kindergartens and schools, the villages, the communities of the dorfschatze, as well as friendly communities from rouillac, feuerbach and the palatinate hagenbach participated, reached up to modern times.

Historical groups from gera and cronach enriched the procession, which was accompanied by fanfare and marching bands as well as music bands.

"Beautiful train"

Burgermeister werner knaier was also enthusiastic, and he was not only struck by the fanfare players. "A beautiful train. I liked the enthusiasm with which the young people took part."

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