Poverty burials: municipalities reimburse 57.3 million euros

Poverty burials: municipalities reimburse 57.3 million euros

In 2017, municipalities in germany paid slightly less money for so-called poverty burials than in 2016.

Relatives can’t afford a funeral

According to the federal statistical office, they spent 57.3 million euros nationwide. Social services reimbursed 20.227 relatives paid for funeral expenses because they could not pay for them themselves. The "passauer neue presse" first reported on a corresponding answer from the federal statistical office to a question from sabine zimmermann, a member of the bundestag for the left (tuesday) reports.

In the old federal states, 14.592 members receive a refund of funeral costs, in the new federal states the figure was 5.635. In 2016, 59.5 million euros were still being paid out to 21.434 employees have been paid.

Old-age poverty and precarious employment: will the number of social burials rise in the future??

The left-wing politician zimmermann told the newspaper: "due to increasing poverty among the elderly and the spread of precarious employment, an increase in social burials is to be expected in the future."

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In view of the increasing financial burden this places on municipalities, it is feared that they could reduce the costs they have to bear. "In many regions, it would be necessary to increase benefits in order to give even poor people a full burial", she demanded and spoke out in favor of the introduction of uniform nationwide standards for social burials.

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