The false tax official is caught

The false tax official is caught

In the meantime, the suspected perpetrator from brandenburg is in custody under investigation.

Alleged test
On the afternoon of 14. June the 75-year-old rang the doorbell of his victim's house in albert-schweitzer-strabe and pretended to be a tax office employee who allegedly had to check the woman's documents.
When the man left the apartment a short time later, the senior woman discovered that several thousand euros in cash were missing and informed the police. In the meantime, the perpetrator fled to fub and then in a car provided by the company.

Attentive witness
Due to an announcement in the media, an attentive witness contacted the hofer criminal police, who was able to give a decisive clue to the trick thief's vehicle. In close cooperation with their colleagues in brandenburg, the criminal investigators were able to identify the suspected perpetrator.
The hof public prosecutor's office immediately obtained a warrant for the 75-year-old's arrest. The brandenburger could be arrested finally on tuesday in its homeland and be brought before the investigating judge, who complied with the request for investigative detention.

Nationwide comparison
The public prosecutor's office and the hof criminal police are currently investigating whether the 75-year-old is also a possible suspect in other cases throughout the country.

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