Climatologist latif sees danger of drought in germany

climatologist latif sees danger of drought in germany

As drought continues, danger of drought grows in germany.

"The last two years have been unusually dry. Soil now needs rain. Their water reservoirs have only been partially replenished," climate researcher mojib latif, who conducts research at the helmholtz center for ocean research in kiel, told the "rhein-neckar-zeitung" newspaper. Agriculture is threatened by crop failure: "but farmers still have hope. If there is heavy rainfall in the next two to three weeks, it may offset the dry april."

The german weather service (DWD) in offenbach also had the following to say on the weekend: "the current weather situation is somewhat reminiscent of the summer of drought in 2018."From tuesday on, however, widespread showers or shower-like rain must be expected throughout germany. Thunderstorms are also possible in the coming week. There is a risk of heavy rain and also gale-force winds.

"In the last weeks the weather was characterized by repetitions and at times monotonous. But next week it will be over," explained DWD meteorologist jacqueline kernn. The expert also warned of flooding due to the change in weather: since the soil was able to dry out during the prolonged period of good weather in the past few weeks, there is a risk that the rainwater will not be able to run off if heavy rain suddenly starts.

At the start of the week, it will still be mild with temperatures of 25 degrees or more, according to the DWD meteorologist. Only in the second half of the week, the values will fall below 20 degrees nationwide. For the time being, not only parched nature can breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the weather change. Allergy sufferers could also breathe easier again because of the pollen washed away by the rain, kernn explained. On 29. The DWD will publish its preliminary weather balance for the current month on april.

The main association of the german timber industry warns of possible consequences of the drought. "If the drought persists, there may be massive tree death in germany. This threatens our ecosystems and the long-term raw material base of our industry. The timber industry and the forestry sector are therefore extremely concerned," said association managing director denny ohnesorge. In the last two years, domestic forests have already suffered from extremely high temperatures, a lack of precipitation and pest infestation.

"After three years of drought, you can’t talk about climate change with any certainty," latif added. But everything points to climate change, if you look at the drought, the average temperatures and the precipitation.

After the devastating forest fire in the polish biebrza national park, the fire department has finished its extinguishing work. The decision was made after sighting the land with a helicopter with a warm-image sensor as well as with a drone, a spokesman told the PAP agency on sunday. Until late on sunday night, the firefighters were still tracking down and extinguishing the last rough pockets of fire.

The forest fire broke out about a week ago and covered an area of about 5300 hectares, according to satellite images. At times, some 500 firefighters, soldiers, police and border guards were on duty. Poland’s grossest national park is located in the northeast of the country in the podlaskie voivodeship. It was only founded in 1993 and covers almost the entire course of the biebrza river as well as extensive swamp and peat areas.

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