Scenes for the paper basket: hollywood makes it possible

Scenes for the paper basket: hollywood makes it possible

No doubt, those were exciting days in the fall of 2016, when the people of thurnau were able to get a taste of hollywood. Back then, it was possible to meet world stars like colin firth or rupert everett at dinner in a pizzeria (or, like me, to just miss them).

Ingenious and scandal-ridden

The reason was the filming of the movie "the happy prince about the last years of oscar wilde, the irish writer who was as brilliant as he was scandal-ridden. The producers had chosen, among other things, the mighty thurnau castle as their backdrop. For several days the potting village was in a state of emergency. Some of the burgers had won a casting and were allowed to appear in front of the camera in make-up and disguise.

Interest in the premiere of the historical drama was correspondingly high, and the open-air performance in the lower courtyard of the palace was also sold out very quickly.

But those who then searched in the gloomy strip of thurnau or even themselves did not have it easy. Of all things, the scenes with the native compares had been cut out almost completely, the old walls were practically unrecognizable.

Nevertheless gladly again

It is unbelievable how much time such filming takes and how little film remains at the end. This was most clearly seen in a winter scene. In october 2016, the filmmakers had closed the upper market for a whole day and covered it with artificial snow, an insane mess – for the wastepaper basket, as they now say. For three seconds at the most, one could get a shadowy glimpse of the pottery museum in weib. More was not.

Nevertheless, it was exciting and informative to look over the shoulders of the filmmakers and see the results. Therefore: gladly again.

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