The grobheirather could soon be informed via a digital platform

the grobheirather could soon be informed via a digital platform

The official gazette of the municipality of grobheirath is to be available to burghers free of charge as of 2020. This wish had already been voiced at the burgers' meeting in neuses an den eichen, and the town council now passed a resolution to this effect at its meeting. "The days of paper media are over", said mayor udo siegel, referring to an offer from the publishing house linus wittich, which has a so-called digital package in prospect, in which the official gazette homepage, archive and its own app can be accessed. The app offered the possibility of installing a news ticker, and it was possible to publish pictures and texts that had no place in the print edition, even between the print editions. A read aloud function would also be possible.

The official gazette is currently distributed to around 650 households. Following the publisher's offer, a print run of 1215 copies could be distributed to all households. Printed on a somewhat better paper at a cost of 340 euros per issue, this makes 8840 euros per year for 26 issues. The cost of the aforementioned digital package is 1038 euros per year. The committee was quite interested; however, the municipal councils would like to receive a detailed presentation of the app. "Since other municipalities have also switched to providing their official gazettes free of charge, it would be unacceptable for readers to pay for the print edition while digital customers get it free of charge", the mayor argued.

All the wishes and suggestions from the town hall meetings in all parts of the town were presented to the committee for voting in bundled form. The council unanimously approved the administration's proposals, allowing a quick remedy in some cases.

Udo siegel announced that the expansion of the school street could still be delayed. They had applied for grants and an early start of construction, but it had turned out with the government that the mabnahmen were heavily oversubscribed. As a result, there could be less financial support. It is expected that the subsidy will be ten percent lower. Then one would be at 45 percent of the total sum. Siegel explained that the community would not know more until the end of the year.

A change is imminent in the management of the VHS branch in grobheirath. The previous director, tamara toman, resigns from office. Sigrid suckfull, who already works in the untersiemau office, will take over the position in grobheirath. Udo siegel presented both ladies with a bouquet of flowers with best wishes for their work and new impulses for the life of the community. VHS director rainer maier introduced the new branch director and said he was looking forward to active cooperation. 

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