Businessman still owes bill

Businessman still owes bill

The divorce from his wife has a 38-year-old man from the county probably difficult to cope with. In 2013, the self-employed person moved out of the shared apartment building. Since then, things have gone downhill. Business documents were lost, so that the tax office estimated the profit that his company generated and demanded 27,000 euros in income tax from the entrepreneur. His mountain of debt grew to as much as 140,000 euros.

He did not pay a bill from his tax advisor for 3691 euros. Since he did not respond to reminders and the bailiff could not locate the defaulting debtor, the tax office reported the now ex-client for fraud. As a result, the self-employed man received a penalty order for 80 daily rates of 35 euros (2800 euros), against which he lodged an appeal, so that he had to answer for his actions on friday in a criminal trial before the district court in habfurt.

There his defense lawyer alexander wessel said that the accused had been a client of the damaged tax office since 2003 and had always paid the invoices. The defendant himself stated that the mail was delivered to his company address and that he picked it up once a week. He was also always available by telephone. In addition, he knew the bailiff, who lived only a few houses away. The tax office had blocked his bank account. He was penniless and had been financed by his parents. In the meantime, he had transferred 500 euros to the damaged tax office. Up to 15 creditors had been waiting for their money at times.

An employee of the tax office testified on the witness stand that the defendant had been financially strapped for years. The parents had already been looked after for decades. The defendant paid some of the invoices only after half a year had passed. Since he had now no longer paid, they had ended the relationship.

Defense lawyer wessel pointed out that his client has claims against customers who are in arrears with payments. "He pays when he can, the lawyer asserted and asked for a discontinuation of the proceedings, to which both the public prosecutor and the judge ilona conver agreed.

As a condition, the 38-year-old must settle the outstanding bill of the tax office and pay 500 euros to the state treasury. Fortunately, things are looking up again for the entrepreneur, it was reported. He had reduced his debt from 140,000 euros to 50,000 euros and the order situation for this year was good, he said in the dock.

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