Burgers criticize the kindergarten container

burgers criticize the kindergarten container

New burgers’ reception, the mayor’s report, the honoring of deserving burgers and, finally, questions from the 200 or so visitors: the burgers’ meeting in the marktstetten sports hall on thursday evening lasted almost four hours and still had a lot to offer.

There was criticism of mayor thomas reichert and the city council members for the state of the kindergarten. The mayor had already mentioned this in his report, explaining that when the expansion of the kindergarten was completed in 2015, the space there had already become too small, and so containers were set up in 2016 as a temporary solution, and at the same time a new expansion plan was started. The problem, however, was that there was not enough space on the site and the elementary school next to it was to be renovated and included in the planning. Not an easy task, since various authorities had to be involved in the process due to the grants. But reichert also admitted that it would have been possible to act a little faster. In the coming days, however, there is an appointment with the government of lower franconia, which he wants to use together with employees of the administrative community, a city councilor and pastor peter stier as chairman of the sponsors’ association, in order to move forward in the process.

Despite these statements, there were a number of objections from parents, employees and even burghers, who spoke massively against the container solution. There was talk of a "shithole, of "unreasonable demand, of "musty smell" the speech and also stier appealed to mayor and council, kindergarten and school "absolute priority" to give. Reichert promised to keep the kindergarten staff in particular better informed about further developments.

Other burger inquiries concerned the parking situation in herrnstrabe, a possible speed limit on staatsstrabe at the intersection with michelfeld, or noise and pollution from guests at parties in the burgerkeller.

For the first time, the town used the burgers’ meeting as an opportunity to hold a reception for new citizens, at which the associations from marktsteft and michelfeld could present themselves. In addition, deserving burgers were honored because, according to reichert, they "set an example" for the society are.

Honored were: walter dienesch, who not only leads the singing club but is also active in other associations; gunther eisenhuth, who distinguished himself above all through his many years of leadership of the gardening and local preservation association, was a town councilor and founded and led the CSU local association; eckhard himmel, who was a town councilor for a total of 41 years and also held many positions at the TSV; friedrich kraft for his commitment in michelfeld, whether as a school bus supervisor, in the fire department or in other associations; richard kramer, who helped guide the fate of the town as a town councilor for a total of 42 years from 1966 to 2008; helmut manger, who looks after the cemetery; irmgard matthaus, who has taken care of the kirchenburg and the surrounding area; irma moser, who looks after the archives in michelfeld and the old schoolhouse; johann schroll, who "just like that" has taken care of the old schoolhouse, daily responsible for the playground in kohlenweg and erich wendel, former city councilor who was chairman of the soldiers’ and reservists’ comradeship for many years.

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