Grobmeisterin to guest in lichtenfels

Grobmeisterin to guest in lichtenfels

If this is not a treat for the friends of the royal game: next saturday the best german chess player for about 15 years, elisabeth pahtz, will be guest at the SV seubelsdorf for a simultaneous event on 30 boards.

For its 90th anniversary this year, the chess club from the lichtenfels district wanted to set a sporting accent. At the meranier-gymnasium lichtenfels everything will revolve around the 32 figures on the 64 fields from 1 p.M. Onwards.

Game review in advance

"First of all elisabeth pahtz will give a one hour presentation of a current game", says the second chairman of the SVS, kilian mager, who has made all the preparations with his team. "We probably don't promise too much when we predict that you will certainly get remarkable insights into the psychology of chess in general, the thought processes of a women's grandmaster in particular as well as into many other aspects of our board game which otherwise often remain hidden."

So invited are both club and hobby players. However, the 30 starting places for the simultaneous event starting at 2 p.M. Are already taken.

But it can also be interesting when the heads of the students in the meranian high school are not smoking over schoolwork, but over the chessboards. 

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