Neunkirchner musicians celebrate 55. Anniversary

Neunkirchner musicians celebrate 55. Anniversary

Music connects and creates friends. This has been the motto of the jugend- und trachtenkapelle neunkirchen am brand (district of forchheim) ever since it was founded. The band celebrated its 55th anniversary with a big circle music festival, and invited friends from all over europe to attend.

It was a good thing that I was able to celebrate the founding of the big band "von der rolle" ten years ago and the already 25 years lasting friendship with the youth orchestra from the hungarian totkomlos could be celebrated as well as the 30 years lasting friendship with the royal fanfare st. Cecilia with her "klingenberger blaskapelle" from the belgian town of deerlijk; as an "encore it was also necessary to present the 40. Birthday of the own "brandbachtaler musikanten to celebrate.

Hundreds of visitors to the brass band festival from all over the region enjoyed the many facets of brass band music until late in the evening.

400 musicians performed
This time, the youth and costume band has a total of 400 female and male musicians in the three large orchestras, which now also include the "brandbachtaler musikanten" for performances in smaller groups, the brass ensemble "brass am brand – all under the direction of maderer – as well as the bigband "von der rolle" for the lovers of swing in rough cast belong, this round dance is complemented by the school orchestra under the baton of edmund rolles.

The focus was first on the long-serving members, who were honored by chairman michael schmidt for their loyalty, as was the long-serving treasurer herbert roth, who was made an honorary member to long applause.

Afterwards, the "brandbachtaler musikanten" gave a performance of their own in the former monastery storehouse as well as the big band with singer kerstin suft on the open-air stage at the tenth square gave samples of their skills.

The next day, the market town of neunkirchen invited the delegations from deerlijk and totkomlos to an official reception in the town hall. The history of the market town of neunkirchen or a trip to the cathedral in bamberg were then on the agenda.

In the afternoon, the JTK gave an insight into its educational work, such as early music education, the wind class and the school orchestra.

Star march with eight brass bands
The JTK-youth-orchestra and afterwards the brass band from ebersbach as well as the youth orchestra from totkomlos with a hungarian firework and finally the belgian "klingenberger brass band "enthused with mood music.

A high point and at the same time the final point was the star march of no less than eight brass bands to the tenth square. The guests of honor awaited the train with the district chairman of the north bavarian music association, georg schirner. A joint choir of over 300 musicians under the overall direction of the NBMB district conductor georg maderer then provided the crowning finale to the 55th anniversary of the NBMB. Anniversary of the youth and traditional brass band.

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