City council discusses change of leadership at staatsbad gmbh

City council discusses change of leadership at staatsbad gmbh

The press release from the town hall came without warning, although perhaps not entirely surprisingly. And it contained only two sentences: "the city council of the city of bad kissingen will meet on 12. December in the non-public part with the question whether there should be a change at the top of the bayerische staatsbad bad kissingen gmbh." And: "the public will be informed promptly of the outcome of these deliberations."

Only one person can be meant by the head of the staatsbad gmbh: spa director gunter sauer. There is nothing more in the dark air of leadership, because a deputy for him has never been hired. He himself had come to bad kissingen in 2004, where he took over as deputy to the then spa director annette kratz. When she left office two years later, he took over – with an unlimited contract.

He had already known about this planned debate in the city council, sauer said when asked: "I don’t want to say any more about it at the moment." And thus nothing to the question whether this announcement has surprised him. The preliminary information was confirmed by the city’s legal advisor joachim kohn: "the state baths company, aware of the city council’s involvement with this issue, is keeping a low profile."

Otherwise, the official bad kissingen is very reluctant to make any comments or statements. Mayor kay blankenburg (SPD), who also represents the city in the staatsbad gmbh, only confirmed that the topic of personnel changes is on the non-official agenda of the upcoming city council meeting. Otherwise, he could not of course anticipate the non-public meeting. He also did not want to comment on whether the topic had been put on the agenda due to a motion by a parliamentary group.

Also from the fractions nothing more exact was to be heard. Bernd czelustek (SPD) asked for understanding that he did not want to change his position. In any case, the motion for a debate did not come from his faction. Klaudia schick (CSU) also wanted to wait for the debate to be held. And: "a few years ago, the free voters have once made such a request. But now, to my knowledge, no faction has requested the debate. The agenda for the meetings is made by the mayor of the city." This was also confirmed by otto funck (): "the proposal did not come from the parliamentary groups, but from the shareholders." Both applications in 2009 were about questions of the legitimacy of sauer’s appointment.

The munich ministry of finance, which is the main shareholder in the state baths company with a share of 60 percent, is also of the opinion that there will be a is cautious: "we know about it", press spokesman horst wolf "but at the moment these are matters for the city council that we do not comment on."

The ministry of finance will not be called upon until the city council demands a replacement for the managing director position. Gunter sauer has an open-ended contract, but according to joachim kohn, it can be terminated at any time. An extraordinary termination was probably out of the question, because sauer did not secretly reach into the city’s coffers, where there is nothing to be got anyway. The ordinary notice remains. Then the contractually agreed or statutory notice period applies. Severance pay was not required.

The announcement had to be made by the shareholders, and they had to be in agreement. The voting shares are based on the shares in the company, and the free state with its 60 percent could easily outvote the city’s 40 percent. But in personnel matters, the quorum is 75 percent. With two shareholders, this can only be achieved if there is unanimity. Wolf did not answer the question of whether the freestate would agree to a decision by the city council to approve the deal. But from the spring, when gunter sauer was publicly criticized in connection with the announcement of cultural manager jutta dieing, there is still the statement that munich will not put any stones in the way of bad kissingen.

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