Cyclists soon have to fear higher bubble money

cyclists soon have to fear higher bubble money

Dangerous traffic violations will soon be more expensive for cyclists on german roads. At the request of the states, bub fines for many offenses are to be increased by five to ten euros, the federal ministry of transport announced in berlin on wednesday. The goal is more safety for all road users. Therefore, in the future, car drivers who do not show consideration for cyclists will also be asked to pay more. The new regulations are expected to take effect on 1. April come into force.

Federal and state governments had observed that the interaction between cyclists and motorists was deteriorating, said a spokesman for federal transport minister peter ramsauer (CSU). With some offences the threshold of the money-robbers was so small that they were committed again and again. This friday, the federal council is expected to pass a resolution to tighten up the law, which the federal government will then implement.

Specifically, it is planned that cyclists will be charged 20 to 35 euros for making the wrong turn into one-way streets, depending on the situation, instead of the current 15 to 30 euros, according to the "bild" newspaper-newspaper (wednesday) reports. Anyone not riding on the bike lane or riding on it in the wrong direction is to pay 20 euros instead of 15 euros in the future. Riding without lights will soon cost cyclists 20 instead of 10 euros.

If drivers park on bike paths, the fine is to be raised from 15 to at least 20 euros. Anyone who blocks a protective lane for cyclists with their car will have to pay 20 instead of 10 euros.
The traffic club of germany (VCD) pointed out that higher bubgeld alone could not solve the problems in road traffic. Cyclists have often been at a disadvantage on the traffic routes that have so far been geared mainly to cars. On the positive side, violations by motorists should also be more clearly highlighted.

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