Kitzingen thw is lively on the road

Kitzingen thw is lively on the road

Stacking boxes until everything topples over, an ox ford that likes to swap and all kinds of equipment and gear from the technical relief organization were on display for the 60th anniversary of the THW. Birthday at the promenade festival of the kitzingen local association to see. 300 guests celebrated with the thw team, and local representative alexander fischer took the opportunity for special honors: he awarded three of his employees each the helper badge in gold and in the version gold with wreath.
"I've been in THW for 59 years now", seelig used the word as local representative from 1963 to 1989. Despite good cooperation with district fire chief josef mack, there was not much going on with disaster control in kitzingen at the beginning. First district administrator rolf bauer had shown an open ear.

"Peck" built
Seelig built a youth group with "knirpsli" during his time in office on which girls were also present. Although there are no longer any people exempt from military service, the local association can rely on the youth. "The best thing for me is the THW, its helpers and its youth", castle blissful.
"A lot has happened in six decades", fischer took a condensed look back over 60 years. Years in which what was originally a rather frugal outfit of shovels, picks and wheelbarrows has been transformed into state-of-the-art equipment that meets all requirements.
"Actually today is a young birthday", emphasized district administrator tamara bischof. Even with much simpler equipment than today, there were difficulties in building up the THW. Today, however, the local association is an integral part of the alarm plan in the district. The THW recently proved its necessity in wiesentheid and schwarzach, when energetic and powerful help was needed.

"Boys" are group leaders today
"If the THW did not yet exist, it had to be invented", the mayor of oberburg, siegfried muller, addressed the local representative alexander fischer and the THW-family. It is also important that the youth in the THW have "something decent" could learn. He looked back as he placed his son himself with the THW. "The young people of yesteryear are now standing their ground as group leaders", muller praised and also praised the anniversary celebration as a promenade festival, because these festivities have always been well received by the population in the past.
"THW and other organizations are called upon to help in major incidents, they have to stand up for the people and help on a voluntary basis", mdl otto hunnerkopf praised the effort in wiesentheid. Here one could experience how important the use of eaves can be. At the same time, hunnerkopf praised employers for repeatedly releasing THW volunteers for missions.

1950 – gustav heinemann commissions otto lummitzsch to organize a civil aid organization
1951 – the federal states oppose their authority to set up a technical relief organization
1952 – the THW is set up to provide technical assistance in the defense against catastrophes, to manage technical services in civil air defense and to help eliminate emergencies
1953 – first alarm for the assistance during the storm tide in holland; foundation of the OV kitzingen, first local officer is karl zepter
1954 – first major operation in germany
1963 – hans seelig becomes local officer
1969 – on-call service for accidents on the autobahn is established
1970 – earthquake mission in yugoslavia, at the same time century floods in kitzingen
1982 – foundation of a youth group
1987 – ground-breaking ceremony for the new shelter at the barrage
1989 – gunter raab succeeds hans seelig as local representative
1990 – storm wiebke rages over the county with wind force 12
1991 – support at the schwalbenhof fire
1994 – road accident in albertshofen, recovery of the driver and a trailer with winches
2002 – alexander fischer succeeds gunter raab as local officer; flood operation on the elbe near magdeburg
2005 – salvage of a ship that sank at mainsondheim floating dredger
2007 – support at the fire of the fetzer warehouse
2009 – recovery of a truck that had become stuck on a highway bridge that was being prepared for detonation
2013 – support of the municipalities of wiesentheid and schwarzach after heavy rain by securing the dike.

Awards gold with wreath: massimo carlone, jens gottler, florian raab; gold: eva carlone, roland horner, thomas schonwald.

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