French switzerland: this is why steg uber die wiesent must be closed immediately

french switzerland: this is why steg uber die wiesent must be closed immediately

"The sagmuhl bridge is closed with immediate effect and will not be opened again", mayor christiane meyer (NLE) told the members of the ebermannstadt building and environment committee. Shortly before the meeting, she had received the results of an examination conducted by the landesgewerbeanstalt (LGA). Since the last inspection, the structural condition of the wooden pier has deteriorated considerably. Progressive dampness has led to rot and "considerable softening of the wood on all parts of the structure led. The support of one of the two main beams is even completely rotten. "There is actually a danger to life. I can only call on everyone not to take any chances", warned the mayor.

She explained that the sagmuhlsteg is a walking and wheel bridge over three fields from 1991. It connects the historic upper barn district with the city center and the "oberes tor" shopping mall.

The abutments are made of stamped and reinforced concrete, the pillars of reinforced concrete. However, the superstructure is made of wood. "The bridge is three meters wide and has the impressive length of 55.5 meters. I had made a mistake there", presented christiane meyer.

Only fub connection

She went on to say that the bridge is currently the only road connection between the city center and the barn district. She pointed out that there is one of the largest beer gardens in the barn district, that most of the barn owners live in the city center and use the footbridge, and that this is the starting point of many hiking trails. "These are very important for our importance as a tourist community", said the mayor.

Meyer also pointed out, however, that a new bridge structure is not expected to be built before the end of 2022. Now further investigations are pending, planning services must be awarded, variants tested or a water rights procedure initiated. "There is no possibility to improve the current pier. We are talking about higher costs. But we also have a lot of other tasks in the administration that have to be dealt with, said christiane meyer. She explained that now a short-term possibility for a floodway must be examined. It is difficult to solve the problem of private gardens. One must consider the use of the car bridge. As a medium-term solution, the construction of a makeshift bridge must be identified and presented to the council.


Thomas dorscht (FDP/BFE) said that he had missed the point that the footbridge was one of the safest ways for schools to get to the open-air swimming pool when he had made the point about the importance of the footbridge as a fub connection. Erwin horn (NLE) considered whether the buffer area behind aldi and rewe could be strengthened. Christian kiehr (NLE) thinks it’s important to give children a clear route to the open-air swimming pool. He hopes that the barrier will not be ignored. This was taken up by erwin horn, who suggested that it should be stated why the footbridge is closed off. Wilhelm kraupner (SPD) pointed out that cyclists should also be considered. "This is a first info to the council. We still need to get more information", summarized the mayor.

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