Leading android manager barra goes to chinese company

Leading android manager barra goes to chinese company

Hugo barra, who was in charge of android product management at the internet company, is to drive international business at xiaomi.

Barra confirmed the move on thursday in an entry on the google network google plus. He was recently seen more often at presentations of devices with the google operating system android on the stage, most recently he presented the tablet nexus 7. Sundar pichai, who is responsible for android, chrome and the google apps at google, congratulated barra on his "next exciting adventure". "We’re going to miss him at google, but we’re excited about him staying connected to android."Xiaomi is betting heavily on the google system.

The smartphone business in china – the world’s largest cell phone market, where favorable devices are in particular demand – is dominated by domestic suppliers. Companies such as ZTE, huawei and lenovo are among the world’s leading smartphone providers and are also expanding internationally. Xiaomi was founded in 2010 and caused a sensation with favorable high-end devices.

The co-founder and head of xiaomi, lei jun, is occasionally compared in media reports with apple founder steve jobs – among other things, because he has a similar presentation and dress style at presentations. The second co-founder, lin bin, had worked for microsoft and google, among other companies.

Xiaomi markets its smartphones exclusively via its own website in order to keep prices low. Every new available contingent will be sold out within minutes, lin bin explained during his appearance at a conference this spring. This year xiaomi wants to sell 15 million smartphones.

Android is by far the dominant operating system in the smartphone business worldwide, with its market share recently rising to a record level of almost 80 percent. At the same time, software developers complain about the fragmentation of the ecosystem: there are parallel devices on the market with different software versions and different hardware requirements, such as the screen size of a computer.

Questions about the future course of google were already raised by the sudden departure of long-time android boss andy rubin in march. Pichai, who was responsible for the chrome operating system and the associated web browser, took over the android area with.

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