Sapist most valuable german company

Sapist most valuable german company

According to a study by the auditing firm pwc, the software company SAP is the most valuable company in germany.

With a stock market value of just under 104 billion euros, the walldorf-based company takes first place ahead of siemens (94 billion euros). Euros) – followed by volkswagen and allianz insurance. The pharmaceuticals group bayer, which topped the list in 2014, now ranks fifth with 80.50 billion euros. According to a study, the hundred most valuable german companies have increased their value by a total of 33 percent since 2014.

However, the german leader SAP was unable to secure a place in the european top 10. Here, the british-dutch oil group shell is in first place with a stock market value of 213 billion euros, followed by the swiss groups nestle and novartis.

SAP falls just short of the top 10 in the european comparison of stock market values (12th place). However, the company from baden-wurttemberg has moved up 14 places since 2014. In the global rankings, however, it is far behind the top group in 63rd place.

In a global comparison, no european group can really keep up. The international top 10 consists exclusively of companies from the USA and china. Three US tech giants topped the list: with 703 billion euros, apple is the undisputed leader, ahead of google parent alphabet and microsoft. From china, internet companies tencent and alibaba make it to 5th and 8th place, respectively.

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