The county must decide about “nec

The county must decide about

How is it now, with the permission, neustadter cars again – like before – with the "NEC-to equip license plates? That was certainly not the most important question that frank altrichter, the CSU"s candidate for mayor, had for thomas kreuzer. But it is, as he emphasized, "a matter of the hearts of the people of neustadt".

To allow old license plates again

"On monday there is to be a cabinet bill on the old license plates", the head of the bavarian state chancellery declared. Federal transport minister peter ramsauer (CSU) has created the possibility of allowing old license plates again. The states were able to implement this. In bavaria, decisions are to be made at the district level. In plain language: neustadt had to apply for it, but the district council had to decide it. "Not everywhere people want to have the old license plates back", female cruiser. And reintroduction does not go smoothly everywhere.
"There were no problems in neustadt", frank altrichter is convinced. For him, the license plate issue was a segue into the question of further reforms in the state of bavaria. He rejects the idea of merging the districts of coburg, kronach and lichtenfels. Kreuzer sees such reforms in two ways: "coarse districts have the advantage of coarse administrative units. This can make a lot of things easier." at the same time, however, he sees the danger that intermunicipal cooperation will then often be shifted to special-purpose associations, which is not conducive to democratic decision-making.

So that families move to the country

But other problems are more urgent. For example, the demographic change. "We are suffering from the fact that people in the region are becoming fewer – despite a still strong economy", explained altrichter. The minister affirmed that the state government also "supports the flat" strong will: "we want to maintain elementary schools and kindergartens. These are K.O.-criteria for the settlement of families. Likewise the medical supply." that families move to the countryside is in the interest of the economy, says kreuzer: "those who need normal workers with normal incomes can"t find them in munich, because they can"t afford to live there."
Hope for a revival of the industrial wastelands in neustadt? Altrichter and also the CSU member of the state parliament jurgen W. Heike thinks especially of high quality building materials with so-called high purity rooms, in which work can be done under completely dust-free conditions.

Coburg"s university in neustadt?
You could imagine that the university of coburg could be interested in using it here. "At the coburg site, there is hardly any room left for an expansion of technical courses of study", so heike. Kreuzer did not seem to be averse to this, and does not think that a state requirement for such a use is out of the question, but: "the university had to take the initiative here!"
A use by newly settled industry with corresponding workplaces would be even better for neustadt of course. "But here we have a huge problem due to the demand trap against thuringia", as altrichter states. This will become weaker, according to kreuzer, if the new EU requirements currently being prepared take effect.

Saving network costs

When it comes to the price of electricity, which altrichter would like to see lower for companies, kreuzer offered little hope. "The energy transition will cost money, he says. But bavaria is trying to generate as much electricity as possible in its own country to save grid costs. A clear "yes of the minister therefore came to a 380 kv line through the coburg region.
Kreuzer sees the gap closure of the railroad in the direction of thuringia as sensible: "if this can be presented in any way, we will include it in the traffic route plan." In this context, altrichter emphasized the importance of a tighter time schedule for the traffic of the railroads in the coburg region. But this must be discussed with the railroads.

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