Anyone can change the world

Do you really need a new cell phone every year?? Do you have to fly thousands of kilometers away on vacation?? Are there also fairly produced fubballe? These questions are the focus of attention this week at the forchheim herder grammar school. The "worldfairanderers" from the youth welfare office of the archdiocese of bamberg are guests.
The project teaches the students about a fair world or environmental protection in work groups. The working conditions of jeans workers in southeast asia, the enormous water consumption of cattle fattening, and the threat of bee mortality.

A sustainable world

Principal ingrid kafferlein believes it is important to inform students at an early stage about how they can make a small contribution to a fair, socially just and sustainable world. "That's why I'm very happy that the project of the archdiocese is a guest here", she says "maybe one of the schoolchildren will get involved in this area later in his professional life. And if this is where it starts, that would be wonderful."
The topic is also important to school spokesman cedric meyer. "We are always trying to put these ideas into practice at school, too," he says, he says "for example, we recently organized a campaign to make as many trips as possible by bike."
The project comes at just the right time to deepen our understanding – for example, of how many rare raw materials are contained in a cell phone and under what cruel working conditions they are sometimes extracted. "You don't always need a new cell phone, says the school spokesman. Regional dean and city pastor martin emge agrees: "my smartphone will soon be eight years old and it works perfectly." He is also pleased that this ecclesiastical theme has now not only arrived in schools, but is present everywhere: "pope francis calls the earth a common house. Just like in a real house, everyone has to take care that it is stable and does not fall into disrepair."
For this reason, the youth office of the archdiocese has also made the topics of sustainability, social justice and fair trade central themes in its youth work. "For me, this is also "living gospel", says youth office director and diozesan youth pastor norbert forster "that's why i'm always happy when the project stops in a new place." The "worldfairanderers are visiting three schools in the archdiocese of bamberg this year
also for the member of the state parliament thorsten glauber (freie wahler) the topic is a heart concern. He drops by the school with a fairly produced and traded soccer ball under his arm. "Surely it's not always easy", he says, "for example, if you sit in an electric car in winter with a pointed hat and gloves so that the battery lasts until you reach your destination." But the contribution of each individual pays.
The people responsible for the project see it in a similar light. It is not important to change one's whole life. "We are not dogmatic, says joachim waidmann, who is in charge of the project as a consultant for the pastoral care of schools at the youth welfare office. But as albert schweizer said: 'the little you can do is a lot', he says.That is also our motto." 

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