Corona default fund planned “as soon as possible

Corona default fund planned

Federal states want to use a fund to help the TV industry financially in the event of corona-related shooting accidents.

A spokeswoman for the state chancellery of north rhine-westphalia, as the lead state, told the deutsche presse-agentur in response to a question: "the intention is to set up a contingency fund as soon as possible, in which a number of countries will make substantial contributions, but also the broadcasters will make a relevant contribution in the event of damage, in order to safeguard the diverse TV production landscape even in times of a pandemic."

The television and production industry has long called for such a contingency fund. It is a question of absorbing costs in the event of a rupture in rotation. Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there have been numerous filming stops, some projects have been postponed. Production gradually started up again in summer.

From the state chancellery it continued: "lander and broadcasters agree that it is necessary to maintain the innovative and creative TV production landscape in germany. The lander intend to establish a TV cancellation fund for TV productions, which will significantly reduce the uninsurable risks for producers in the event of a covid19-related interruption of filming."

He said that the countries, broadcasters and producers were in intensive talks "to establish a mechanism for productions that can be covered by the default fund that will substantially relieve the burden on TV producers, but at the same time leave the broadcasters enough leeway to commission program content to the usual extent."

There is already another default fund – called default fund I. This was put in place by the federal government to support production, especially of high-end series and films, in the event of outages. Up to 50 million euros were put in prospect.

After that, the film and television industry demanded the creation of a "ausfallfonds II" that would also include television productions, which represented the real bulk of the local production industry.

Days ago, bavaria had signaled that the state would also contribute five million euros to fund I for cinema productions. At the same time, the digital ministry said that separate negotiations were currently underway on a possible guarantee for TV productions (ausfallfonds II).

Rhineland-palatinate's secretary of state for media, heike raab (SPD), told the deutsche presse agency: "about half of the lander ? Where there are also rough production sites ? Are ready to pay into a default fund. There are also discussions between public broadcasters and private broadcasting groups."

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