Impatient motorist causes accident

Impatient motorist causes accident

On tuesday afternoon, a motorist who entered the construction zone at the schlusselfeld junction in the direction of nurnberg on the A 3 had too little patience. Due to his careless behavior he caused an accident in which one person was slightly injured. The three cars involved had to be towed away. Total damage estimated at around 22,000 euros.

Two with the same intention

Around 12 o'clock two drivers wanted to enter the narrowed lane due to construction work. In order to wait for a gap in the convoys of vehicles on the main carriageway, they stopped on the shortened single-file lane and then set off at the same time. The 68-year-old in first position apparently accelerated too slowly for the 43-year-old opel driver behind him. The younger one therefore wanted to overtake, swerved to the left and in doing so overlooked a ford mondeo coming from behind in the left lane.

Domino effect

The 46-year-old mondeo driver instinctively swerved to the left and crashed into the lane divider. His car skidded, hit the opel, which in turn hit the 68-year-old's renault. The 59-year-old passenger in the ford suffered bruises and was taken to hospital.
The highway patrol closed the right lane of the highway while the accident was being investigated and the vehicles recovered. A traffic jam formed several kilometers long.

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